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The winning acts

Tiatr Academy of Goa recently organised the 11th Popular Tiatr Competition which was judged by tiatr personalities Wilson Mazarello, Fr Rolland Lin Fernandes and Socorro Fernandes. In all eight tiatr troupes participated in the competition.

‘Ho Uzo Palounk Zata’ presented by Epiphania Menezes, and written and directed by Mario Menezes bagged the first place in the competition. ‘Bhailean Butter Bhitorlean Gutter’ staged by Comedian Domnic and his troupe, and written and directed by Comedian Domnic stood second, while ‘Khell’ presented by Machi Mogi Morjim Cultural Sanskrutic Saunstha, and written and directed by John Alexandro Fernandes won the third place.

Mario Menezes was awarded first place for Best Direction for ‘Ho Uzo Palounk Zata’ while Domingos Gabriel Coelho (‘Bhailean Butter Bhitorlean Gutter’) won second place. John Alexando Fernandes (‘Khell’) came in third

Roque Dias won the Best Lyrics award for ‘Khell’ while in the Best Script category the first place went to Mario Menezes (‘Ho Uzo Palounk Zata’) and second was won by Jose Roman Fernandes (‘Subject’).

Best Actor (Male) was won by Cyril Fernandes (‘Khell’) and second place was won by Samir Shabi Gadekar (‘Vingans’). For Best Actor (Female) Rosy Alvares (‘Ho Uzo Palounk Zata’) took first place while Meena Goes (‘Tanchi Chuk Kosli?’) won second.

Lino Fernandes (‘Bhailean Butter Bhitorlean Gutter’) won Best Comedian (Male) and Evon Fernandes (‘Subject’) won Best Comedian (Female).

The Best Supporting Artiste (Male) was won by Satyavan Tari (‘Uzvadd Tuka Diun’) while Best Supporting Artiste (Female) went to Valini Fernandes (‘Khell’).

The Best Actor in Negative Role (Male) was awarded to Maxie Pereira (‘Uzvadd Tuka Diun’) and Best Actor in Negative Role (Female) went to Shenaya Pereira (‘Ho Uzo Palounk Zata’). Best Child Artiste (Female) was won by Alethea De Souza (‘Vingans’). Kapil Chari (‘Ho Uzo Palounk Zata’) won for Best Stage Setting, Ratnakant Salgaonkar (‘Khell’) for Best Light Effects, Pascoal T Fernandes (‘Rochna’) for Best Make-up and Best Costumes, Agnelo Lobo (‘Tanchi Chuk Kosli?’) for Best Music (Live Band), and Benny Carvalho (‘Bhailean Butter Bhitorlean Gutter’) for Best Background Music.

Best Singer (Male) went to Aniceto Lourenco (‘Bhailean Butter Bhitorlean Gutter’) and second  place to Peter Colaco (‘Uzvadd Tuka Diun’). The Best Singer (Female) was won by Evola Couto (‘Rochna’) and Rioma Menezes (‘Ho Uzo Palounk

 Zata’) won second place.

Best Child Singer Male was won by Jonas Fernandes for ‘Khell’, Best Duet went to Freddy D’souza and Mackquenzi Fernandes for ‘Tanchi Chuk Kosli?’, and Best Duo was won by Celina Pereira and Wilma Fernandes for ‘Vingans’.

Pascoal Fernandes, Maria Alfonso and Celeste Pereira (‘Rochna’) won Best Trio, Pierson D Costa, Senford Fernandes, Bladwin Da Silva and Elita Fernandes (‘Ho Uzo Palounk Zata’) won Best Quartest, Ramson Cardozo, Rosanne Coutinho, Aasner Fernandes and Wilma Fernandes (‘Vingans’) won Best Choral Song and Shenaya Pereira (‘Ho Uzo Palounk Zata’) won Best Comedy Kantar.

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