Thursday , 24 October 2019
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The ultimate champions


Goans Rebecca Godinho, Sophie Chowgule and Tejas Shevde were selected as part on the Indian national team at the Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championships (AOUGC) at Shanghai, China and secured the bronze medal.

Additionally, Godinho and Damor were adjudged the female and male MVPs (Most Valuable Player) of the match. Godinho, Chowgule and Shevde were the only Goans among the Indian team of 24 players. The young team who were selected from the many club teams across India, trained at monthly camps and then went on to play against teams from Australia, Korea, China, Malaysia, Taipei and the Philippines.

Ultimate frisbee or flying disc is a non-contact team sport that originated in New Jersey, USA in 1968 and is very popular in other nations like the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China , and all the European countries, among others, where the sport is being played for over 30 years. In India this fast growing sport of ultimate frisbee is comparatively new – about 8 years old but already has a pool of over 9000 players. It is a highly athletic and fast paced game which requires strong agility and athleticism, not discounting stamina and determination to last through matches, each of up to 110 minutes.

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