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The show must go on

Here’s a look at a few more videos that have made an impression on social media during this pandemic, when all the entertainment is confined to homes

JP Pereira

Vignettes of Goa

The Trio de Assuncao which is very much into classical and semi classical music play a medley from Konkani films in this video. The beautiful music composed by top musician, the late Frank Fernand, for his films ‘Amchem Noxib’ and ‘Nirmonn’ has been arranged by Alvaro de Assuncao Pereira (cello) and performed together with his daughters Maria Sancha Pereira(violin) and Maria Gisela Pereira (piano). Filmed by Sara and Jonathan, the black and white presentation has a touch of class and makes a great watch.


A beautiful prayer of praise and repentance, ‘Magnnem’ is rendered by seven singers (Leslie Gomes, Joel Rodrigues, Ashliff Correia with Clarina Fernandes, Tancia Pires, Franky Oliveira and Denzil Rodrigues) who do a wonderful job of this inspiring song. The video shoot is done by the respective singers and is slickly edited by Leslie who has also provided the beautiful music. Soothing, relaxing and a real treat to watch.

Pleasant instrumentals

Musician Agostinho da Cruz has been uploading a variety of pleasant instrumentals of old hits on a regular basis, for some time now. These instrumentals played on the keyboard, or violin or mandolin, at times along with his daughter Elaine, are good to hear and keep listeners entertained. The tunes are from western hits or Konkani music and are enjoyable.

‘Kazarachem Utor’

Originally composed by the late Chris Perry and sung by the late H Britton this is a cover version released by Avison Gomes, with backing vocals by Rhea Vaz and music by Rolfan Vaz. The singing is good and so is the backing music. With beautiful photography by Olwin Fernandes with some drone footage from Vellankov dSouza, the video is edited by Franoy Gomes.


 Olga Vaz pays tribute to the priests and nuns in this song which tells of the hardships faced by those who try to do good. With the grace of the Lord, they continue and have to be respected. This is a gentle rendition of a very impressive song, with lyrics by Anil Pednekar. The music is pleasant and filmed on locations that are authentically Goan. Another good watch.


This is a tribute of love and gratitude, from a son to his mother. Edwin dCosta sings his own composition thanking a mother who has been his guiding light, his late brother, his family and all the artistes who have helped him to release 96 albums of Konkani music. It is pleasant and has good lyrics.

‘Tujea Hatan’

A video of an instrumental version of the hymn ‘Tujea Hatan’ has been released by young musician Rolfan Vaz. This is a hymn of surrender, and the haunting melody on the flute makes it even more soothing. Plus it has beautiful photography, some with the drone, by Glen Furtado. The greenery that still remains in parts of Goa is well picturised. Do watch this and absorb the comforting music.

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