Wednesday , 23 October 2019
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The road to change


Potholes on roads have been a menace for riders and drivers in most parts of the state. To highlight this issue and spread awareness, zumba instructor and former Dance India Dance Super Mom contestant Cecille Rodrigues has recently come out with a music video ‘Rosto’ which has since gone viral.

The idea, she says, was born after she had to pay a sum of `15,000 to repair the damages caused to her car due to potholes.

Annoyed at the fact that the government has still not done anything, Rodrigues decided to take matters in her own hands and compose a song that would make people aware of this issue.

The song was written two months ago after she attended a karaoke night and performed the song ‘Bebdo’ by Lorna. “The tune stayed in my head. I wanted to write a song which was very catchy and could send out a message and ‘Bebdo’ is the only song I could think of. Also, I love Lorna,” says Rodrigues, who went back home after her performance and worked on the Konkani song till 3 a.m.

Her friend Ryan Mathias then edited the music and added more beats to it. Rodrigues then approached Amrit Vasta, who is known for making witty videos, to create a music video for her. “He liked the idea and agreed to collaborate with me,” says Rodrigues.

The choreography for the video took place in between the planning and deciding for the shoot and locations. Rodrigues states that some of the dance routines were done directly on the spot and some routines were rehearsed on the roads before the shooting began. This is the first time that her son Jake was also part of the video.

Rodrigues admits that while shooting the video a lot of concerned people stopped on the road asking if they needed any help and she and her team had to explain what they were up to, thus receiving praise in return for their efforts.

In fact, before the video was launched, a video of Rodrigues and her fellow artists at Panaji bus stand went viral. “We were trying to check the angles for the shoot at that time,” she recalls, adding that the widespread viewership that they received for this trial video boosted their confidence about their upcoming music video.

‘Rosto’ was released online on September 16 and immediately began gaining a lot of viewership not only in Goa but also abroad.

“People have said that Cecille’s ‘Rosto’ has become an anthem. They feel that the video will get people together to address this issue,” says Rodrigues.

A fan of Lorna, Rodrigues, admits that she looks up to the singer and wanted to revive her music as Goans are connected to Lorna’s music. “I hope she liked it and gives me her well wishes. I am yet to interact with her on this,” says Rodrigues, adding that the video has been sent to Lorna’s musician.

Making the video however had its own hurdles. For one, the weather was not favourable. The dancers also had to lie on the uneven surface with stones and mud, which poked their backs and bruised their bodies. Road commuters also kept distracting them and vehicles even splashed water on them while they were shooting. “Also, in the green room, the bike fell on my leg and it almost got twisted,” says Rodrigues.

Speaking about the bold lyrics that say ‘yo serkar yo rosto maka dina zalear tujo fottolo toklo’ Rodrigues says that a lot of people are afraid to speak their mind and that because of these potholes many accidents take place that endanger people. She states that it is the government’s duty to take care of this issue. “If anyone gets injured, no one is held accountable, and neither are we getting any compensation for it,” says Rodrigues admitting that she has previously tagged Panaji mayor, Uday Madkaikar in her previous videos that highlight such issues.


The video is amazing, but these potholes need to be taken care of soon. In fact recently, I almost met with an accident because of this – Joanna D’souza, Mandrem

The video was pretty good. But will it help? Will the government change its ways. Will people try choosing another government next year? If you ask me the answer is no. People will still choose the same party. We have road problems every year but the road situation is still the same. – Harriet Fernandes, Vasco

The video is amazing and to see Goans pinpoint their problems through a creative platform as compared to other ways is really good. It really sends a message and makes one think. – Lyann D’Souza, Porvorim

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