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The rising star of Goan Cinema

Curchorem-based Melwin D’cunha’s childhood dream of becoming an actor has finally come  true. Making his debut with Konkani film ‘Pedru  Poder’, scheduled to release at end of this year,  the model-turned actor is pretty excited. NT BUZZ  catches up with him to know more


Several dream of seeing themselves on big screen someday. The entertainment industry is sought after by people of all walks of life.

And in Goa too, Melwin D’cunha from Curchorem is no exception- who dreamt of becoming an actor. The 27-year-old is all set to make his acting debut opposite John D’Silva in the upcoming film ‘Pedru Poder’, directed by Jojo D’souza which will be released by the end of 2019.

Like most of us, the bug of becoming an actor caught Melwin as a child. Fond of action movies, he enjoyed watching movies which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, which inspired him to work on his physique.

Acting comes naturally to him. “It is an inborn skill”, he says adding that, “in order to meet the demands of an actor, I started working out at a very young age which helped me in developing a well-toned body,” he mentions. It was during the initial days of working on himself that he got into bodybuilding as well. Melwin proudly says that he’s represented Goa at the State and National level in bodybuilding.

Speaking about how his dream came true of becoming an actor, he tells NT BUZZ that the opportunity of working in the film ‘Pedru Poder’ came his way when he saw an advertisement that called interested people for auditions.

“I gave the audition and was shortlisted on the spot,” he says. In the film, Melwin plays the role of Donald D’souza, who is a businessman and a model. “The character I am playing was designed keeping in mind my personality,” informs Melwin adding that, acting is an ongoing learning process and that he learned a lot acting nuances from his co-stars, specially from comedian John D’Silva and other actors too.

Melwin is a multi-talented boy. Besides, working part-time as a model, he is also a talented artist. He was part of the Mr Goa 2018 pageant, where he won a subtitle of Mr Goa Stunner. He began his stint with modelling at age of 21. He goes on to say modelling has taught him a lot about body language, how to face the camera, boost confidence, how to face people and how to walk on the ramp. 

As an artist he uses his free time to work on canvas paintings and sketches. “Art is my hobby and my artworks are always connected with famous personalities, may be because of the influence and love which I have for films,” he says.

Melwin tells us that he has done a four-feet-tall canvas painting of Michael Jackson, besides working on sketches and portraits of Rose from Titanic, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

A science graduate with a degree in Hospitality Management, Melwin also informs that he’s worked in hospitality sector for six years, and mentions that he doesn’t get sufficient time to work out, but somehow makes time to at least go to the gym to maintain his physique while also fine tuning his acting skills.

After working on his first film he says: “I love this acting profession and thus, despite having a very busy schedule I make time to do what I like.” 

He takes challenges in his stride and says that challenges are present in every field or in whatever one does. “The challenge I faced as an actor was that of facing the camera. I was really nervous on my first day of shoot. Also, when you are working alongside actors like John D’silva it is a bit difficult to match up to his level of acting. However, I managed to do my best,” he says.

Melwin makes it a point to mention about the support his father was to him through all his decisions.

He says: “My father was the person who always supported me and inspired me a lot to become an actor, as he too was very fond of Konkani Cinema. It was his wish to see my film but unfortunately he passed away,” he says.

While his dream of becoming an actor has finally come true, he now eagerly awaits the release of ‘Pedru Poder’ and hope that the public notices his acting talent.

“At present this film is a very important project for me and it is from here that I will move onto different projects. I am to open to any kind of role,” says Melwin.

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