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The New Normal In Goan Politics


TWO legislators, and both ministers, in the present government stand out for their political acumen and strategic thinking. But both have been accused of selling their souls to the devil. But have they really failed to maintain the moral high ground expected of them as elected representatives of their respective constituencies! Terming them as turncoats, many people have been aggressive in their criticism about the MLAs. Why do the public fail to realise that political leaders have their own reasons for some of their actions that may appear inappropriate at times? But strictly adhering to the belief that elected leaders are not above reproach and are accountable to their voters, there are many who take to voicing their displeasure in a very raucous manner. A feeling that nothing is personal when it comes to politics seems to elude the public when confronted by situations that go totally against their expectations. Though all about power, politics, they say, is a dirty game! So how is it expected to be clean when players involved are vying for top honours, sometimes solo, or in alliances that are shocking? It is not played to entertain, nor does it have any rules. Yet it fascinates, holding the masses spellbound. As much as he is a social animal, it wouldn’t be wrong to term man a ‘political animal’ too considering his penchant for getting easily perked up by conversations heavily laced with political topics of the current times. The ‘Chai pe charcha’ the Prime Minister has introduced as an important aspect of his public relation programme is in fact an everyday affair in most of the tea-stalls and coffee-shops in the country, and has been so even before the Hindutva poster boy catapulted to the national scene. Although impossible to scrape off the dirt associated with it, people in India are as passionate about discussing politics as they are about their daily bread. We pride ourselves in being recognised as politically conscious citizens. Yet we are wont to slight our leaders for their actions that go against our line of thinking! Our discussions on the present political scenario in the state never revolves around the achievements of our leaders but border more on their inefficiency in arresting the failing conditions which is proving to be detrimental to the cause of the region – as if it is of their making!


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