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When Rumi in Taleigao was started in December 2018, the idea was to primarily create a space for human expression in all its soulful forms like music, poetry, dance, theatre and art.

And if you step into the venue especially on event nights, the space is usually teeming with both families and groups of youngsters just chilling out. In the air is a feeling of camaraderie, of being almost certain of coming away with at least one new friend by the end of the night.

“It has a really nice vibe to it,” says Declan Da Silva Pereira, an architecture student who not only enjoys coming here but has also hosted a poetry session here himself. “Plus they have community tables so that you can sit with random people and make friends,” he adds.

Leah Martins, an SYBA student also agrees. “The performances too are amazing and it’s good that they encourage up and coming musicians,” she says.

Indeed, in the few months since it began operation Rumi has seen some interesting music and poetry acts, both from accomplished and upcoming artistes. These include a fusion dance performance of a Persian folk dance and Kathak along with Sufi poetry, a dance theatre show, live gigs by indie musicians, poetry workshop with poet Rochelle D’Silva, etc. To keep things interesting they also had screenings of the new season of ‘Game of Thrones’ early in the morning. They also try to keep the food interesting by hosting a bunch of pop-up kitchens giving guests a chance to experiment from different cuisines. In fact the space has already made a name for themselves for their delicious thalis too.

“My love for music and my friend and partner’s (Nassim Akhtar) love for food is what birthed this space,” says Ryan D’Costa, who ensures that he handpicks artists that have original music and style to showcase for their ‘Rumi Live’ series of events.

And D’Costa believes that youngsters enjoy the space as it is one of the few for live music and diversity in the sort of events that have been curated.

And they have more ideas in the pipeline to improve the experience. “In terms of food, we plan to run an all day cafe in addition to the lunch and dinner service we already have,” he says. “When it comes to activities we plan to host a good number of workshops that can happen on a weekly basis.”

Of new experiences

Earlier this year, Vagator saw the coming up of another cool space with Hideaway. The venue has also seen a unique blend of events like a live gig with a Flamenco virtuoso, a pop-up kitchen with traditional Kerala food, hosted movie and match screenings, and had author Jeet Thayil over for a book reading and signing.

“While the core idea was building a performance venue that would showcase the finest artists and musicians in the country, we also wanted to create a space where people could meet like-minded people and be at ease,” says co-partner Nathaniel Da Costa, who runs the show together with Sheldon Abranchas and Siddharth Bandal.

Now that the code of conduct is over, the space has live music gigs slotted every weekend, with musicians from across India and Goa performing. “We’re launching a series of literary events like book readings, a poetry club, recitals, and even starting our own open library. And we will continue to screen interesting films and documentaries,” he says.

Besides this, they are also hoping to have life skill workshops and host discussions on issues that matter.

“We believe that people want new experiences and our space allows people to tune out of the daily hustle and try and experience and feel something different,” says da Costa.

Time to LOL

With the comedy scene in Goa also taking off in a big way in recent times, young folks are also choosing to watch live stand-up comedy by some of India’s most popular names.

And LVC Comedy has been instrumental in this entertainment sphere, having shows almost every other week. “It gave fans a chance to watch their favourite comedians in person, over seeing them on a screen,” says founder, Warren Viegas, who is into stand-up comedy himself.

Apart from comedy, the LVC Comedy and Music Café has seen music and poetry open mics. The music events in particular are quite popular.

“The audience usually comes by just to catch their friends performing, to cheer them on, or humiliate them completely,” says Viegas chuckling.

Staying in the game

Down South, there are also some interesting options to choose from. “The main aspects that I look for are the ambience, food and the activities they have besides the regular stuff like maybe games, etc,” says Margao-based Ethan Mascarenhas.

Billy’s Café Bar, Colva makes it to his list. “It has amazing food, ambience and good vibes. There are also games like jenga and Uno. Plus there are instruments lying around that you can pick up and play,” he says.

The space which opened on August 15 last year is the brainchild of Nelrich Dias and Kane Pereira.

“We make the experience fun with our many games like scrabble, jenga and other card games. We are also hoping at accommodating a pool table soon,” says Dias.

Making golden memories

But beyond these new spaces that have come up, many of the old social clubs around Goa have also been ensuring that they keep up with the times, with youngsters enthusiastically participating in the many events organised by these.

Clube Harmonia de Margao which is  over 100 years old is an example of this. “It was a big challenge at first to get the younger people to the club as most of the programmes held were not to their liking,” says president Ameet Pinto, who took over proceedings a few years ago. The club since then has hosted some fun events like ‘Footloose Nights’ and ‘Jam up’. “We also started the ‘Margao Tinto’, a food and musical festival where young entrepreneurs could set up stalls and showcase their talents, which has turned out to be a brand over the last three years,” says Pinto

And all this has clicked with the youngsters.

“It’s fun to meet people you haven’t met in quite a while, all together under one roof. Plus, everyone comes together despite their work and other duties to have a good time together,” says Mascarenhas.

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