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The lone ranger

Start-up entrepreneur and electronics engineer Tirathprasad Nagvekar happens to be the only manufacturer of scientific instruments in Goa and now supplies the same to college labs and other institutions

Various organisations are involved in popularising entrepreneurship in Goa, but starting your own company is the most difficult and challenging task, says Tirathprasad G Nagvekar, owner, Adec Technologies and Solutions Pvt Ltd.

It is exciting too, he adds, and therefore he can never think of going back to employment in the future.

Nagvekar’s electronics company is located in Corlim and is about four years in existence. It started in 2008, although actual production began two years later in 2010. The company is steadily establishing customer base, he says, adding that the initial years have been a learning experience. The company makes scientific instruments which are basically appliances that can sense lowest current ranging from one nano MPL to 50 pico MPL. Another appliance is micro volt meters that can sense up to 100 nano volts. Both these instruments along with host of others are needed by college students of BSc and MSc and institutions of higher learning.

There are no other manufacturers of scientific instruments in Goa at present which is why establishing clientele is an arduous process, he says. Customers are Goa University, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa and PES College in Ponda, among others. Most of these colleges previously sourced these instruments from agencies in Mumbai and he is enthused by the fact that they are now placing orders with a local firm.

Nagvekar, an electronics engineer, previously worked in companies based in North India. But after coming back to Goa he decided to set up his own venture. Developing an instrument, testing it in all conditions and giving it time to stabilize takes all of three months and it is a manufacturing activity that needs considerable working capital.

The company sales are still to touch the Rs 10 lakh mark, but Nagvekar is confident of achieving it in near future. Raw material is primarily sourced from Mumbai and is also imported. About 70 per cent of the material is domestic while imports are of semi-conductors, etc.

Scientific instruments used by colleges for practicals are very expensive and cost of it runs into lakhs. In contrast, instruments developed by indigenous talent is cheaper and also includes assistance for installation.

Nagvekar is always around for troubleshooting and takes care in making himself available at all times. Adec Solutions is a part of the electronic industry which is largely a green industry, he says. The government needs to encourage it in a big way and also provide infrastructure to local electronics engineers to set up their own units.

Revival of the IT Habitat in Dona Paula is a step in the right direction and except for the steep price of plot the project is good, he says. Recently, his firm also bagged an order from the University of Kerala. Nagvekar’s goal is to become a major supplier of instruments to institutions through his own technical expertise.

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