Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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The grand escape

Goan metal band ‘Within Ceres’ recently released their debut EP ‘Skyless’. NT BUZZ finds out more


It was in 2014 that Odin de Sa decided to form ‘Within Ceres’ after the group competed and won Sea Rock, a college band competition at Bits Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus in Zuarinagar.

Ever since then the band has steadily been creating waves with their music by winning  competitions like Anaadyanta in Bengaluru and Roots by Zygnema in Mumbai; headlining events like Summershred Goa, Distort Goa and playing alongside Indian metal giants like ‘Gutslit Zygnema’ and ‘Inner Sanctum’.

And now the band has come with their debut EP ‘Skyless’.

“The band name and the EP’s concept are based on escapism and maladaptive daydreaming. The idea is that in the future as the world around us shrivels, humans rely on virtual realities as an escape mechanism to experience everything that the real world cannot provide. From living old memories to visiting new inspiring places, all within Ceres (an artificial reality that exists in the future), ‘Skyless’ further builds on that idea,” says de Sa. Users enter this reality through a headset much more advanced than the current VR devices and are free to travel and exist in any reality that they wish to be in.

The EP, which consists of five songs, has been in the making for seven months, with some songs that date back to 2013 written by de Sa, which have now reworked and reproduced.  Among these is the track ‘Our Oceans’, which the band released as a single back in 2018. The other tracks include ‘Terminal’, ‘Dissonance’, ‘Skyless’, ‘Weightless’ and each song represents a different era in Ceres.

The EP starts off with ‘Terminal’ which aptly begins with an ambient drone that is followed up by a drum groove. Listeners get the sense that they are going somewhere which in this case refers to their journey to Ceres. In ‘Dissonance’, the fast changes reflect contrasting dark and light elements in the song. This is followed up with ‘Skyless’ and ‘Weightless’, and ends with ‘Our Oceans’ where one slips into the void stranded in a metaphorical sea, all hope lost.

“The songs were already written by me in our forming years. All I had to do was to formulate a plan for how I wanted the release to happen. This includes choosing the right sounds and having onboard a good mix engineer. I spent a few months organising the productions and making the contacts required,”
says de Sa.

Suitable replacements for some band members were also found which included Valiston Fernandes (bass), Nathan Fernandes (drums), and Naizian Fernandes (keys). De Sa plays guitar and handles productions while Kadesh Dsouza is also a guitarist. The band vocals are handled by Arnold Carvalho.

All the tracks were also produced by Odin de Sa and mixed and mastered by
Asher Ally.

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