The dance revolution

From Flappers to Rock ‘n’ Roll, from Cha-cha to Contemporary and Hip-hop, dance is tremendously taking shape and several new dance styles are evolving. On the occasion of World Dance Day, NT BUZZ catches up with Goan dancers to know how dance styles like Hip-hop, Popping, Locking, Contemporary and several others are getting into mainstream dance



Dance has always been a source of entertainment in Goa. No feast, festival, wedding or an event is complete without dance and music. The growing demand for dance has led to the mushrooming of several dance academies and institutes in Goa and that’s how you can find dance academies across Goa teaching dance styles ranging from Classical, Ballroom, Cha-cha and others. From the mid 1900s and till today dance styles like Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha-cha, Samba, Jive and Ballroom continue to be popular among audiences.

Over time dance styles like Bollywood, Hip-hop, Popping, Locking, Contemporary and Freestyle became popular and created a fad of sorts in Goa. Speaking about the dance trend in Goa, choreographer at Shailesh and Suresh Academy of Performing Arts, Vasco, Suresh Nayak says: “A lot of students come to us to learn Hip-hop and Popping as these styles have become very popular nowadays. Also, many dancers are choosing these styles for its edgy style and complex beats.”

Suresh also mentions how choreographers need to update themselves with various dance styles. He says: “Dance has made me what I am today. Being a dancer you get to learn a lot of things, you get to meet new people, share your knowledge and at the same time you can make a career in this field. You need to be serious with your work at the same time good at it and keep learning and exploring various dance forms.”

In recent years, you can find dance academies adding Popping, Locking, Breaking, B-boying, Krumping and Dancehall into their dance curriculum. 23-year-old dancer Platon Colaco speaks about how youngsters are glued to the internet in order to learn various dance forms, he says: “Today, youngsters are choosing the internet to learn new styles of dance like Lyrical hip-hop, Tutting, etc. Even dance reality shows are setting trends nowadays and everyone wants to learn new styles and keep up with the trend.”

Dancers choose styles depending on the trend and nowadays for competitions dance groups mostly prefer Hip-hop style. Choreographer at Derick D’souza of Performing Arts Studio, Ponda, Derick D’souza says: “Looking at the current scenario dancers are choosing to perform urban style, it’s not that they are not familiar with the old styles but urban styles are now trending and everyone wants to keep up with the trend.”

Dance movement therapist, from Navelim, Cliszma Aniuska Da Costa highlights career prospects in dance. She says: “Many Goan dancers who are trained in dance come to Goa and prefer to start their own dance classes. They even start their own academies and institutions. Even dance and theatre can have better prospects for dancers. Dance is also a medium for staying fit and that’s how it can go together, where dancers have trained themselves in zumba fitness.”

Dance is an art form that can be explored and experimented to bring about the beauty of the art form. Dancer from Guirim, Shirpad Mayekar says: “Goa has a lot of potential and there is a need to tap the energy in the right manner. There are several dance styles, but if one works effortlessly using these styles, he or she can come up with their own style of dance. Learn dance styles but at the same time put your whole soul into it and watch how that works.”