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The crafting of a wine

Wine ambassador, Pernod Ricard India, Alexandre Barre was in Goa to introduce domestic wine Indiosa at the Grape Escapade held recently. NT BUZZ gets more details


Originally from Paris, wine ambassador, Pernod Ricard India, Alexandre Barre has been living in India for the past three years and has been actively representing the multi-origin portfolio of Pernod Ricard as well as pursuing his passion in wine. He is involved in all aspects of the business from wine-making to sales and marketing, across famous wine regions.


Excerpts from an interview:


  1. What do you think of the domestic wine industry and winemaking in India?

The domestic wine market has a lot of potential as it plays a critical role in introducing the category to a larger audience. The domestic wines that are offered are of really competitive price points. In terms of wine making a lot of efforts have been made and a lot of great efforts are to be made. There is great potential; there is a lot of passion in people who are interested in learning. And this is what we do at Indiosa, we bring wine makers from across the world to come to Nasik and educate, for example on the best way to trim wines with the culture, about best equipments and how we can get the best wines with the material we have in our winery. A lot of people say other brands are your competition, but if you look at the wine making aspect there is no such competition between brands. It is the common effort of people doing the same thing from the country, trying to showcase it around the world.


  1. Why is Indiosa a crafted wine?

I feel craft is like a big boutique because it is going be in a limited amount of quantities. Indiosa is a representation of the new Indian generation, a generation that is proud to represent the Indian ‘savoir-faire’. When creating this wine the idea was to integrate values and cultural behaviours of India today – a generation that is disruptive, that values quality and creativity and a sense of adventure and social enjoyment. The things imported in India are great but a lot of things in your home country are not looked at. We call it craft wine because it is quite like a boutique in terms of the size of the winery, team, amount of bottles we produce and ranges we have. Indiosa is available in two varieties, Shiraz, the red wine and Chenin Blanc, a white wine. Both are 100 per cent mono varietal wines.


  1. Tell us about the winery in Nasik which has a high sense of sustainability.

Substantiality is deeply rooted within Pernod Ricard’s business in general. Pernod Ricard is a French company, a French group that owns different brands. If you look at across the overall philosophy and work ethics there is a sense of duty and care. Our winery is also certified carbon neutral.


  1. Tell us about the changing trends in wine consumption in India?

I can see that it is definitely growing. Wine is becoming more and more included in the repertoire. It is very rare to see a party where nobody drinks wine. There are people who don’t drink wine maybe because it has not come to them. I think wine has now become an integral part of dining experience, of social aspects, social life experiences with your friends.


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