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Most local retailers are anticipating an increase in the revenue during the festival, reports Bhiva P Parab

The business boom during Ganesh Chaturthi

With hardly a couple of days remaining for Ganesh Chaturthi retailers in state are gearing to celebrate the festival with booming business.

The festival brings together families as members who are far away arrive from cities and visit the ancestral village home. The celebration will begin from September 13, however the preparations have already began and retailers are seeing more customers each day.

In the local markets the countdown has begun for shop keepers who sell matoli material and flowers. Garment shop owners and sweet shopkeepers are also seeing more shoppers. According to retailers, Ganesh Chaturthi typically sees high sales of garments with increase of 15 to 20 per cent in transactions.

“People are ready to spend during the festival and to meet the surge in sales we ensure that we have enough stock. Our Chaturthi footfalls are in the range of more than 100 customers daily and to entice them we have schemes with gifts during the festival,” said a garment shop owner.

According to the information available from a garment shop owner, they expect the market to improve over the next few days as the purchasing fervor picks up in the last couple of days viz. just before Chaturthi. Some of the garment shop owners feel that, with the entry of malls and online marketing the business is declined slightly and the net profit has come down in the past couple of years.

Sweets are another product that witness robust sales during the festival time. “Earlier most residents prepared sweets at home and our volume was less. In recent years however our sales are high. We can now say that sweets are synonymous with Ganesh Chaturthi,” said a sweet shop owner. He added that, the increase in sweet sales is sometimes 50 per cent during the festival.

Fruits also witness higher demand, especially bananas. The locally grown Mandoli banana is highly sought after during the Ganesh festival despite its high price and limited availability. The ‘Mandoli Keli’ fetches the highest price vis-à-vis the other varieties available in the market and the selling price ranges between Rs 150 to Rs 300 per dozen depending upon its size.

According to the information available from the sources, vast quantities of marigold and loose flowers arrive in the state during the festival season and the sale of flowers and garlands also increases during the festival and due to the increase in demand, the rates of the garlands and flowers are also high.

A vendor dealing in flowers said, “We are expecting a good business as it is something that is needed during prayers and also for decoration. Residents like a mix of various kinds of flowers and garlands.”

Another big business during the Chaturthi is the Matoli material and vendors can be seen selling Matoli items a couple of days before the festival in the various markets of the state.  Matoli is a decorative canopy tied above the idol, which consist of various types of fruits and flowers. The Matoli which is mostly decorated on the previous night of the festival also consist of ‘aamyacho talo’ (bunch of Mango leaves), coconut and areca-nut.

The Matoli is also adorned by some people with locally grown vegetables like ‘Bhenay’ (ladies fingers) and ‘Dhodgi’, apart from ‘Taushe’ (cucumber). People purchase the material for the Matoli from the market and some even tie false fruits and vegetables made from wood which are available in the market and there is also increase in the use of artificial threads or robes, which increases the Matoli material business.

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