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Tension at Pissurlem over shifting of ‘kalash’

Valpoi: Tensioned prevailed at Pissurlem-Sattari on Tuesday over ‘kalash’ of the village temple deity Navdurga. Shifting of the sacred pitcher (kalash) led to a ruckus between two groups from Pissurlem. 

According to Valpoi police, the tension arose after the kalash of the village deity was shifted by one group. It was learnt that since it was Dussehra, the villagers gathered in the temple and performed rituals on the occasion and in the evening some of the villagers returned home.

Meanwhile, the other group shifted the kalash in the underconstruction temple. After learning about this, members of both the groups gathered at the site and there were heated arguments that escalated into a scuffle. 

The police and Sattari mamlatdar Anil Sardesai arrived on the scene and a meeting was held with members of both the groups. However, both the groups were not ready to settle the matter amicably.

To de-escalate the matter, deputy collector Mangaldas Gaonkar intervened and spoke to members of both the groups and said that if both the groups were not ready to settle the matter amicably, then the temple would be locked by the authorities.

Despite the deputy collector’s warning, the members of both the groups remained adamant. Later, under strong police force, the temple door was locked by the official.  

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