Thursday , 17 October 2019
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“Team FC Goa has found its rhythm”

By Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

The energy, happiness and excitement that Varun Dhawan emanated after team FC Goa registered it first win was palpable. However, he got to some serious discussions after NT BUZZ questioned him about why victory had so far eluded the team he champions as ambassador. “It’s all there, we have the most opportunities. They are playing well, but I think we are missing one or two good strikers in the team”, he replied urging FC Goa supporters to continue supporting and boosting the morale of their team.

Dhawan also shared how he makes it a point to watch each and every match FC Goa plays either in the stadium or on TV. “I do not regret associating myself with Goa, and just because they aren’t on the top of the table no one should stop supporting FC Goa”, he said adding that his support for FC Goa is long term, irrespective of performance.

Shifting to the subject of films, which is where he belongs, he spoke about his upcoming film Badlapur, shot in the Konkan region. “In this film you will see me in a complete serious avatar”, he said. He also has the sequel to ABCD coming up, which is only 47 per cent complete at present. Talking about the experience he said, “I lost tremendous weight dancing and now I realise what it means to be fit, to run without panting.”

So what is his take on serious and mainstream cinema, individually?

“I am for both serious and formula films. Masala films run in my blood and I like to entertain”, he said also maintaining on the same note that parallel cinema is taking off in India and that is because, finally, it’s the audience who determines what the director should do.

However, he went on to say that while serious films are good he did not intend to do many such films as they can impact a person to a great extent.

On a concluding note he said that while he will definitely attend more games in Goa, he will also try and make his presence felt at the International Film Festival of India, scheduled to be held later this month. It is his belief that film festivals are another place people should attend as they gives the audience an opportunity to watch and appreciate films of all kinds, plus it’s a good platform for film directors to who can change from the traditional methods of filmmaking and experiment with different concepts.


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