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Teaching the right drill to potential real estate brokers

Aiming to teach good practices to youth aspiring to enter the property dealing trade, realtor Prasad Amonkar plans on becoming Goa’s first real estate coach, finds out Shoma Patnaik

A property on Goan soil is on the wish list of many. Celebrities, wealthy professionals, the retired- looking- to- relocate, they all want to settle down in Goa. Not surprisingly there is huge number of real estate brokers in the state dealing in property.

Goan realtors are of all types as the industry attracts diverse set of people. Realtor Prasad Amonkar, wants to put his 18 years of professional experience to good use. As the founder of a successful property consultancy, Estate Addwiser, Panaji, Amonkar believes that, he can offer guidance to aspiring realtors and teach them the ropes to sustain in the highly competitive property dealing industry.”

“Real estate broking in India, leave along Goa is what everyone does. Some do it officially and some free lance.  Because broking is a part-time job to many do not do it seriously. After doing one or two deals if the business sags agents take to dealing unscrupulously. But a genuine realtor is one who is in the trade for 10-15 years and maintains clients and gives proper meaning to the real estate transaction. Professional realtors advice, guide and sometimes also ask a client to not go in for a particular property if it is not good,” says Amonkar.

He believes that, coaching in real estate broking is essential in Goa as well in other states because property purchases are involve huge sums of money and often a once in lifetime acquisition for many. “Wrong counsel from a broker can affect a homebuyer mentally and even ruin him,” he says.

Amonkar plans to offer six to one year training for young aspirants. The classes are going to be theory once a week and practical’s the rest of the days. He will be providing the hand-holding and introduce candidates to clients. “I will teach them to deal ethically, collaborate with other agents, not undercut or bypass other agents and treat members of the fraternity fairly,” says Amonkar who has not yet decided on the pricing of the course.

“My bottom line for coaching is to make the real estate transaction transparent and ethical. I want to convey to youngsters that money should not be the motivator. While doing a sale or a purchase one must look at the process rather than the profitability. Because if profits are the motivator then you may not end up doing a good job,” he says sincerely.

Coaching is the buzzword these days and there are different types of coaches such as life coach, sports, yoga, business coach, etc. Amonkar’s concept if it succeeds will probably make him the first real estate coach of India.

He is opinion that real estate coaches in future will surely takeoff owing to the need of it. “I have already coached my first student who is now settled in the broking trade. Further there are about six other students on the way to being fully trained in property dealing,” he discloses. 

Amonkar is mainly looking at candidates in the age group of 21-25 years as he thinks that it is an age group that is open to teaching. “Beyond that it is likely that the candidate is faced failure and is of cynical bent of mind,” is his frank opinion.

He explains that, to become a realtor a candidate needs financial capital to self-sustain for at least six months as the income is erratic. Realtors also need to have wide network of clients although it takes time to develop a network. Amonkar is willing to give aspirants the benefit of his large network built over eight years of broking.

Realtors presently need to be licensed and also RERA registered. Amonkar is glad of the new norms that help to weed out unregistered agents. To inform potential candidates of real estate coaching, he plans on holding a workshop on August 17 at the Fern


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