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Teaching Lesson To Political Turncoats


There was nothing much shocking in the merger of the group of ten Congress MLAs into BJP. Since Liberation, Goans have been suffering from a crisis of character and integrity. Perhaps the courts will need to decide whether this monkey leap satisfies the provisions of the anti-defection law, as there has not been a split in the original party to allow this merger. Hopefully, the Congress, which could not decide for days on the leader of the Opposition, will be willing to take recourse to court on this issue. The ten MLAs did not have the guts to resign and re-contest, for they knew what their fate would be. “Development” cannot be used by BJP as bait to draw MLAs to their side. It is only a ploy to bring in one party rule, through back door. Some of the new entrants to BJP tried justifying their unacceptable behaviour by accusing Vijai Sardesai of misusing his position for his own benefit and to the detriment of Goa. We would, therefore, expect the BJP or, at least their new-found friends, to take the lead in immediately demanding the reversal of all decisions taken by the ex-TCP minister and even investigate into illegal or shady deals, if any. Let us see if the BJP, which now has a crushing majority on its own, has the guts to do it in the interest of Goa or whether this is all lip service. However, my main purpose here, is to appeal to the electorate of the constituencies of the MLAs who have shifted loyalties, not to reelect them again, under any circumstances, whether they undertake development or not. These MLAs have betrayed your trust. You had elected them not only on a different party ticket but also they believed in a different ideology, totally opposed to the one propounded by BJP. The electorate must ensure their political retirement and that they go into oblivion, as soon as possible. This is the only way the electorate can teach these turncoats a lesson, which will be learnt by all future MLAs, so that such stunts and betrayals are never attempted again. 

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