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Tasks Waiting For New Government

IT would take more than a month to know which party or combination of parties would rule the state, but some of the main issues that would need full and sincere attention of the next government are known. These include raising financial resources for development and welfare, employment generation, fighting corruption, regional plan and investment promotion. It should be the endeavour of the new government to find out ways and means to improve the financial position of the state. Almost all parties have promised to tackle unemployment which continues in disguised forms of underemployment, rather than joblessness in the state. The new government will have to put the economy back on the rails to generate employment. It would be in the interest of the government and the unemployed youth that newer avenues for employment generation were explored so as to provide gainful employment to youth and prevent them from migrating or taking the easy money route. Preventing the youth, especially the unemployed, from taking to crime to earn a living should be a priority for the new government. Police records have revealed that a significant number of people caught in drug cases are locals and it could be easily surmised that lack of employment avenues prompted them to resort to desperate activities.
The state has witnessed unplanned development over the last few decades, which has been made worse by the absence of a regional plan for nearly a decade. Though Goans were promised a regional plan during the last elections, it is still to see the light of the day. Finalising the Regional Plan 2021 from available data or fresh one should be a priority for the next government and care should be taken that past mistakes were not repeated in the process. A good regional plan will help curb illegalities and bring in planned development, which would also be harbinger for economic recovery and well being. In view of the fact that charges of corruption have led to paralysis of sort in administration and public life, it would be better that all the charges were probed in an unbiased manner and taken to logical conclusion.
People would expect the new government to act firmly to reduce corruption, both at the higher levels and lower levels. Though all political parties promised this time too that they would take measures to eliminate corruption the proof will lie in the practice and the action taken. The problem has to be given a top priority. Firm steps against corruption would help the government to earn the confidence and respect of the people. The new regime can show its intent by acting against the corrupt from day one to send a message across to all that corrupt practices would not be tolerated henceforth. Though the issue has been used time and again to derive political advantage in the past the parties that came to power have failed to act against the corrupt. Any failure on the part of the next government to act against those accused of corruption would only send signals that all political parties are same and have no inclination to deal with corruption. The cases should not only be expeditiously probed but also taken to a logical end within a specific time frame by amending the laws to provide for fast tracking the cases in courts.
With mining having been adversely affected following suspension and yet to gain pace despite clearance from the Supreme Court, the new government will have to draw a plan to ensure that mining activities are conducted to the optimum level set by the apex court. This will help the government to earn revenues and also give fillip to employment. With tourism having emerged as a key sector for revenue generation, it would be in the interest of all that a fool-proof master plan was drawn up to add newer avenues in the sector as also for adding new infrastructure. The February 4 election was a sort of referendum on the issue of medium of instruction. The new government has to take steps to ensure that the issue was settled once for all and to the satisfaction of all the sections of society. The status of casinos is among the other issues that need to be looked into by the new government: whether they would be closed or not. A bigger push to infrastructure is needed by the new government in order to give a major impetus to the state economy and create an appropriate climate for attracting investments to the state which could generate revenue for the state and employment for the youth.

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