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Taking note of world history


A collection by Pune-based Vasant Datar was held at Art Gallery, Kala Academy. Organised by Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd, the exhibition featured currencies and coins from over 235 countries around the world and from various decades. Minister for Town and Planning, Vijai Sardesai inaugurated the event.

“This collection is a work of 50 years. Barring Panama, I have visited almost all the countries,” said Datar at the inaugural. The entire collection, he said, is worth around 12-15 crores.

“I have in my possession, the smallest 1 paise gold coin which is the size of a grain and its cost is estimated at around 7 crores. I also have the largest coin minted in gold which weighs around 10 kilograms. This coin dates back to the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and was called the ‘Nazrana Coin’. It was given as a memento to the ambassadors of visiting kingdoms,” he added. A one million pound bank note printed after World War II was among the interesting notes on display.

Sardesai applauded Datar for his work and highlighted the fact that while it would have been easy for Datar to sell some of these items, he instead chose to preserve these items for the benefit of future generations.

“As the Minister of Archives and Archaeology, I will look into setting up a place where such collections can be permanently displayed in Goa as these are definitely worth seeing,” Sardesai said. Also present were chairman of Lokmanya Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, Kiran Thakur and South Goa collector, Agnelo Fernandes and others.

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