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Take back Zuari land if factory is shut down: Vishwajeet

Industries Minister Vishwajeet Rane has suggested that government should take back thousands of acres of land allotted to Zuari Agro if they plan to shut down the fertiliser factory. His party colleague and Cortalim MLA Alina Saldanha however has expressed confidence that the factory won’t shut down.

 It was Goa’s first chief minister Bhausaheb Bandodkar who had allotted 1000 acres of land to Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd for mere 25 paise per square metres. But after five decades, production of its major products like Urea and other fertilisers has stopped for the last three month. The trade unions allege that Zuari Agro wants to shut down the factory and utilise the land for real estate purpose. Industries Minister Vishwajeet Rane has reacted to this.

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