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Spread over 1614 sq.ft. area, the D-Mustang Gym owned by Nuwa Shaikh is the first power gym in remote taluka of Sattari, finds out Abdulla Khan

Gyms in Goa are mushrooming in major cities as the fitness fad gets popular. But it is good to hear of a gym in interior region run professionally by a local boy and geared with the latest equipment as any city gym.

D-Mustang Gym located in Nagve village just two km away from Valpoi town is owned by Nuwa Shaikh, a certified trainer from IFSA. The gym is unusual not only because of its up-to-date training methods and ample size. But also for the presence of a women trainer which is a rarity in Goa’s fitness world.

It inaugurated in February 15th with initial enrollment of around 200 members and is the first professional power gym in remote area of Sattari. Services include specialist programmes like weight management, nutrition and personal diet etc. My sole purpose is helping people from remote areas in achieving their fitness objectives, says Shaikh.

Each client receives dedicated attention with proper instruction right from nutrition to strength training. And the environment is kept upscale and friendly with the entire team focusing on the client’s needs. Every program is designed to specifically meet a client’s fitness goal. Our philosophy is to use functional integrated training to help improve the quality of our client’s lives, he points out.

Opening the gym is a big step as like any other young boy he was wondering what he would be doing after he lost his father during his early teenage. However fitness was his area of interest and so while completing his higher secondary education he started picking up fitness tips. He gathered knowledge of work-out and health from experts and learnt from media or through any other means.

Reflecting on his early days, Shaikh says that he is always been an avid sports and fitness enthusiast. Since Valpoi did not have a power gym he decided to join a gym in Sanquelim after completing his high school. Getting few tips from that gym he grew up doing workouts on his own. In later years he underwent specialized training and learnt from an instructor. Subsequently he completed training course and became a qualified certified trainer.

“I never thought I will begin my carrier as fitness trainer, but was always passionate in setting up a professional gym in our area” discloses Shaikh.  In future he wants to augment the floor with more cardio and other equipment. Setting up such a big floor of fitness in remote area is not going to pay much but bringing professional fitness centre in a rural area is what motivates me, explains Shaikh.

My number one goal is to help my clients reach their fitness goals and improve their families’ quality of life. I have enthusiastically used my knowledge, personal experience and understanding to educate and motivate my clients.  I enjoy working with all types of people at all different levels of health and fitness, explains Shaikh. His four member team including the lady instructor trains nearly 100 clients daily.

Highlighting the special features of D-Mustang Gym, Shaikh points out that it is equipped with Jerrai fitness equipments which include cardio machines like treadmill, elliptical and pine bikes among other equipment. It can accommodate 30 people at a time. The special features of the gym are personalised workout programme tailored to meet individual needs. Monitoring of customers performance is continuous and also designing of a progressive exercise regime to assist individuals in achieving goals” he discloses.

According to Shaikh the concept of fitness in rural area and city is different. While city clients prefer doing workout under the guidance of instructor or trainer in remote area customers want fast results. Small town customers want a fabulous physique but I always convince them to remain fit and healthy rather than concentrating on a pumped up physique” he says.

Shaikh himself has an admirable physique and describes ‘variety’ as his personal style. I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by some phenomenal trainers including Hussain Shaikh who have inspired me in his areas of expertise to incorporate into my individualized programs and group workouts.  Motivation and determination are two key factors that I try to incorporate into my sessions” he mentions.

There are misconceptions prevailing about gyms. According to many people joining a gym means that you have sweat more and more and inflate your physique. It is absolutely wrong, points out Shaikh.  People should understand that doing workout under the instruction of the certified trainer, as per individual capacity in an hour and paying small amount per day to keep you fit and healthy in the hectic schedule of life is very important.

His simple tip to clients is to follow the trainer’s instructions, adopt clean eating habits, do challenging workouts and take proper rest. When asked his definition for fitness, Shaikh says that fitness is the foundation to overall health and wellness and getting fit is the first step to a new and healthy lifestyle”.



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