Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Supply shortfall pushes up beef prices in Goa

Panaji: A temporary stop on the sale of bulls in the cattle market at Kittur village in Karnataka for the last two weeks due to an agitation of cow vigilantes has pushed up beef prices in Goa by eight per cent and left traders in the state worried.

The prices of beef in Goa have spiralled from Rs 250-260 per kg (boneless) and Rs 180-Rs 200 per kg (with bones) to Rs 280 per kg (boneless) and Rs 220 per kg (with bones). These rates have come into effect from Tuesday onwards.

As expected, supply pressures continue to build in the beef market. There is a 50 per cent decline in domestic supply of beef following the reduction in cattle supply in the neighbouring state. The daily demand of the meat is 20 tonne.

“A deficit supply of beef is the cause behind increased prices, with a reversal not expected until the Karnataka government provides protection to the cattle trade. Goan beef traders do not bring live animals ever since the state-owned slaughterhouse is out of service. Hence, we import fresh beef from Belagavi but cattle supply has come to a standstill due to interference of vigilantes at Kittur cattle market,” said president of All Goa Qureshi Meat Traders Association Manna Bepari.

He said that the Karnataka beef suppliers have already increased the prices substantially due to the shortage of bulls. “So our association members met on Monday and decided to increase the beef prices by Rs 20 which have come into effect from Tuesday,” he said.

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