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By Alaistair J D’Souza
Marvel Heroes (as of now known as Marvel Heroes 2015) is essentially a Massive multiplayer online action based RPG. Free-to-Play means that you wouldn’t need to pay real cash to enjoy the game. (In most cases things just get easier when you shell out your hard earned cash). Currently boasting a roster of 42 playable characters and with more added on a decent monthly basis, Marvel Heroes essentially just keeps getting better as it ages.
Playing the game is as simple as bashing evil dudes as spider-man while still having the time to pass never-ending smart remarks. Controls are basic enough and access to key bindings allows you to customise a layout to your liking. Along with basic attacks, each hero has also his unique ‘power’ or ability. The GUI layout seems adequate enough to cover essentially everything you could think of from health and spirit display meters to the hot bar, mini map, mission log and more.
Depending on the hero you play you would have options for variable play styles. Abilities of your hero are widely classified as basic, passive and power abilities. Basic and passive abilities are just spam actions while power abilities can be performed using the hero’s spirit, which in terms of other games would be mana/energy, etc. Both health and spirit of your hero regenerate over time and when out of battle the tick is faster. Equipping certain gear will help increase the rate of these regenerations.
Every hero starts off with a basic attack, a spirit attack and a movement attack, the latter allowing the hero to cover short distances with relative ease and speed. There is a levelling system based on experience you gain from killing baddies and completing quests to max out a hero at level 60. As you level you gain points you can allocate towards your powers either levelling them or grabbing new ones. Classes of heroes are pretty basic either melee, ranged or hybrid (consisting of a little of both) As with most games you start the basic mission to stop some bank robbery thus giving you time to get used to the hero before you can actually start playing the game. Items can be acquired as drops from killing mobs. All drops in-game are in form of orbs of varying colours, each giving bonuses such as health, spirit, experience and gear (items).
The skill tree system of hero’s powers allows you to have various options on the build type or how you would want your hero to function. Example, you can build your Wolverine to be more of an agile fighter rather than the brawler we all accustomed to.
Multiplayer aspects of the game allows you to team up with other players in form of shared quests, recent addition of raids allows a party of even higher numbers to play together (up to 10 as of now) allowing the team to take on supreme villains and hence a unique chance for certain tier of loot (item drops).
Character customisation along with various pieces of equipment that increase your character’s abilities and cosmetic equipment such as costumes allows you to change your hero’s look. Game play would seem quite repetitive at times involving just mashing at the buttons and the fact that powers/abilities have little to no cool-down leaves players with a rather spam-fest, especially in areas flooded with players.
To conclude the game has quite an extensive system varying from craftable items to individual tiers to gears/costumes, also included is a rare chance to acquire unique items in game. Though the game is loosely titled as free-to-play, heroes which require real money to acquire can also be got by the use of an in game system (obviously a time consuming deal).
Unlike most offline games, marvel heroes has quite the replay value in terms of the vast selection of currently available heroes and their variable fighting styles and also the various options available even for ‘end game’ characters. The game is definitely worth a shot for anyone who loves superheroes, and don’t we all?

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