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Successful technical demo of green mussels farming

In the wake of ever increasing demand for this gourmet seafood and the dwindling natural harvest, farming of green mussels, locally known as ‘Xinanneo’ holds enormous potential. In order to bridge the vast gap between the supply and demand, the CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography (CSIR-NIO), recently, conducted a tech-demo of rack technique of green mussels farming (area, 18 m2) in a sheltered bay at Madkai village. This was carried out to complement the integrated skill initiative of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) and Skill India Mission. Sustainably high production of 6120 green mussels (340 Nos./m2) with a total biomass of 200 kg with shell-on (11 kg/m2) was achieved during the culture period of five months.

Monthly growth rates of 7.5 gm in weight and 13 mm in length were witnessed and an average weight of each cultured mussel at the time of harvest was 42 gm. Acting as a knowledge-partner, the CSIR-NIO provided regular advisories to the skill trainees and information on environmental and growth parameters and the nutritive value of cultured mussels were also collected at fortnightly intervals. For the wider dissemination, the CSIR-NIO has made elaborate plans to deploy more such tech-demo units of different techniques of mussel farming (open sea raft, rope culture, etc) at selected localities of the state with the active involvement of stakeholders. Technological diffusion could help in realising the government’s ‘Doubling Fishermen’s income by 2022’ according to CSIR-NIO scientists.

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