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Success on stage

It was on the stage that AB Luis’ many talents were honed and shone. From writing scripts, composing songs, acting and directing, he truly does it all

JP Pereira

Agnelo Benzito Luis, popularly known as AB Luis in the world of Konkani entertainment has been writing and directing tiatr, Konkani films and has also released an audio disc of songs. Hailing from Fatrade, he works in Dubai as an art director. After working in Mumbai for Clea Advertising and Midas Touch, he joined Equity Advertisement and other firms and now runs his own advertising agency.

There was an inborn talent which was nurtured. His dad used to act in ‘zomnivele khell’ which were usually performed during the three days of carnival. His maternal uncle acted on stage while his sister Lina was a popular actress. Luis used to participate in various school activities at Mumbai’s St Xavier’s High School, write skits and render songs. “I was inspired to write, direct and act in tiatr by my sister,” he says. The first opportunity to act came, when the young nine-year-old was cast in ‘Ekuch Rogot’ by Joaquim Silveira. “I am extremely grateful to my first director for the role. This gave a brilliant boost to my confidence and talent and I realised I could do something for the Konkani stage,” he says. “It was my dream to write and direct a Konkani drama.”

Armed with a job in Dubai, he fulfilled this dream when he finally released ‘Eok Jivo Bhorvanso’ his first Konkani tiatr. “I was a new entrant on the Konkani stage. Had my fears but took courage and with blessings from my God wrote and directed this play, a family drama of love and hope and released the show in Dubai in the year 2007,” he says. “In 2010 I made the play into a movie and screened this at various places all over Goa. A DVD of the film was also released and the film has now been uploaded on YouTube.” His confidence rose after the success of his first tiatr – success that he credits to his family, friends and the audience that supported his maiden venture.

In 2008, he released ‘Mhunis Munxeacho Bhikari’ and the tiatr was watched by a record audience in Dubai. “I had been accepted and this gave me the confidence to release another show on human values, titled ‘Munis Munxeancho Bazaar’. This show that was released in Dubai, showcased artistes living there and others – some especially flown from Goa. The tiatr was well-liked by the audience and will now be released in Goa on December 21 with a different cast. The show will be staged in various places till the end of February 2020. Ramiro Mascarenhas is coming from Dubai with his own band to provide the music for this tiatr. “I always try to give my best and the first thought that crosses my mind is that the audience should enjoy what I present. The rest is in God’s hands, as without His support we are nothing. He has blessed me with a talent to write, compose songs, act and direct and I intend to make good use of it,” he says.

Besides tiatr, he has also released an audio disc with Siridon de Fatrade. ‘Sangatan’ had songs composed by him and rendered by some of the top artistes on the Konkani stage as well as his son singer and guitarist Dale Rio. “Youth today have to be taught morals and values of good living, by the parents. It is not enough to be highly qualified. How one behaves with others is also important. I try to show this in my shows,” he says, emphasising, “I am thankful to the Lord for my wife Diana and my family, who have been very supportive.”

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