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JP Pereira

Various subjects are taught in school. These have to be studied so as to clear exams, although at times some of the subjects are not used much in real life. But the subjects we have to learn from the holy book are important for leading a better life. JosEvon have released ‘Subject’ a new tiatr that throws light on these subjects that make the world a better place. And the new directors have done a good job with virtual newcomers.

The story begins with the end of the season of carnival khell. Vicky and Jesila, the lead pair are on their way home when Vicky stops very close to a burial place and proposes to Jesila. She refuses, asking for some time. He threatens to leave her there. Fear overcomes logic and she agrees. Love develops later but Jesila’s family has its own problems. Her elder brother Rony is married to Sofia, an evil and domineering woman. She fights with everyone in the family. Snello, the younger brother is a drunkard, but caring. ‘Sorpatel’ an aunt, is the one with logic. Vicky is a tiatrist and is threatened by goons, as he sings against various politicians. His father Pedru tries to dissuade him. Life goes on, but on the day the lovers get married, tragedy strikes. Watch the rest on stage as the narrative continues, with some twists and surprises, to the climax with a fine message.

This is a fine tale of happenings in real life with plenty of references to the holy book. Good songs, comedy, and music are the additional bonus. Anthony de Ambajim provides the sets with light effects by Romeo. The cast has the talented Meenaxi playing the lead as Jesila. It is a joy to watch this new entrant, so natural with fine dialogue delivery and with an appropriate dress sense. Newcomer Flacksy is quite evil as Sofia and does her role well. The little Lucia is the daughter. Evon plays Sorpatel. She has some of the best dialogues and keeps the audience in good humour. Jose is Vicky, the lover who knows what he wants and Arnaldo is the loving father, Pedru. Luciano is the dominated husband who changes later and Anif is great as the drunk and later as the goon. Marcel, John, and Joylan play minor roles. Stancio with newcomer Annison provides some genuine and clean humour. Check out the act when they come as photographers.

The band backs well, with Ajiton (saxophone), Rosario (keyboard), Clinton (bass) and impressive young newcomers Malcolm (drums) and Aloy (trumpet). Flacksy-Stancio-Simran do a great opening song. There are other songs from Joylan, Stancio, Arnaldo, Anif, and others. Jr Reagan sings on couples in tiatr, Luciano-Jose pay tribute to the army, Meenaxi-Simran sing for the women, Jose-Evon render a beautiful duet on their love and the ‘Magic’ song is an
additional treat.

Don’t miss this show. It is different and enjoyable with a great message.

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