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Studio Arpora- New kid on the block


Studio Arpora, located in its namesake village, is a calming escape from Arpora’s bustling main road. Its Mediterranean interiors feature swatches of Santorini blue, chapel white, and tropical green. The calming palette highlights the studio’s curated collection of lifestyle décor and art. Founded by artist, Shireen Mody and her daughter, Saffron Wiehl – the studio is a warm reflection of their own home as well as lifetime of diverse creative experience.

Over the last three years, Shireen Mody, has developed an extensive portfolio of artworks inspired by the coconut palm. The eponymous series of paintings features close-up observations of the iconic tree against Goa’s blue summer sky. The works line the walls of the studio as a staple feature in a rotating exhibition. Guiding the studio’s lifestyle collection, Saffron employs modern illustrations that include tropical motifs including plantain leaves, dragonflies and honeybees. The brightly coloured patterns canvas silk-scarfs, wrapping paper and other aesthetic products.

“Studio Arpora is a gallery with a uniquely personal touch. Our hearts and souls went into creating it, reflecting the same values of our art. My life in Goa is intensely involved with nature, the ocean and, of course, my illustration. I’ve always dreamed of sharing a gallery with my mum and Studio Arpora is that dream’s perfect fulfilment,” said Saffron.

Studio Arpora’s collection reflects the duo’s pulse on fashion, offering modern, unique, iconic and edgy works that make a statement. Shireen said, “18 months ago, Saffron began to speak of having a gallery of our own. I agreed with her; especially since I’ve become severely remiss in exhibiting my work in recent years, preferring to paint rather promote my art.”

On a recent open day, Studio Arpora collaborated with jewellery brand, Cheshire Cat, by Van Andel and Peace where they showcased their exciting luxury and contemporary jewellery lines. The studio is open to more collaborations.


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