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Students of St Joseph Vaz College visit Abyss Aquarium

St Joseph Vaz College, Cortalim organised a study trip to the Abyss Aquarium, Verna, for the FYBSc students as part of the environmental studies curriculum. The objectives of the study trip were to acquaint students about the ornamental and exotic fishes, to observe the special features present in the aquatic organisms and to sensitise and develop among students the need to protect and maintain the aquatic environment.

Students were accompanied by assistant professors, Karen Cabral and Pearl Dias. Students were intrigued on the sight of some of the aquatic organisms such as sea horses, giant gauramis, silver dollar altum angelfish, orange cheek pleco, piranhas, sting rays, yellow cichlid, etc. They were asked to observe the male sea horse rather than the female sea horse, and the biting abilities of piranhas.

They were also informed about the growing demand for ornamental fishes and scope in aquaculture. They were made aware of the increasing marine pollution which adversely affects marine life and their habitat.

Some of the species also responded to the gestures and movements of the students who were allowed to hold the turtles in hand and observe them closely. The students captured photos and noted the names of the fishes they observed.

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