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Students at IFFI 2019

I did not get to watch many films as students can watch only four films per day. I am more interested in international cinema and feel lucky to have got the opportunity to see European, Iranian and Asian films. I am researching 20th century cinema and so I watched a number of films under the Oscar Retrospective section. Besides films, I attended some Masterclasses as well.

Vivek AV, Kerela

I watched a few classic films and after attending this festival, I gained more knowledge about films. I attended a Masterclass by John Bailey and Carol Littleton on ‘The Interplay of Cinematography and Film Editing’ and; some other Masterclasses and learned from the experiences shared. As a cinematography student the learnings from this festival will definitely help me in the future. 

Ajay Kanna, Chennai

At this festival we to got see a lot of films by well-known directors and learn from their work. And since there are films from across the world, we got to see different concepts and understand them. We also get the opportunity to speak to the cast or crew of the films and know their process. Out of all the films I watched, I really liked ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ and it was totally different in terms of cinematography, direction and concept. I also attended two Masterclasses on sound and cinematography wherein everything was explained in detail. It was a great experience.

Pratik Sali, Mumbai

I am a media student so through such festivals I get to know a lot about the industry. I learned a lot from Masterclass sessions and the films were really different with different concepts. Watching the films here led me to understand what kind of bar is already set. I also learned the art of making films. 

Nikita Dev, Pune 

I am a filmmaking student and for a long time I was really lost with regard to writing and how to direct films. Other than directors and actors, I have met many other people at this festival who have inspired me. IFFI has people from the same industry who are full of creativity. I met someone here and we have decided to work together, it is really nice to find someone like that.

Niharika Singh, Delhi

This is my second year at IFFI and as a media student this festival is beneficial for me because I get a chance to watch films from all over the world and interact with panellists. Also, the experience here will help me in my studies and in the future while making films.

Shivani Damle, Pune

This is my first time at IFFI and it was amazing. This festival is great for students pursuing filmmaking. I am a beginner, first year media student and have learned a lot of things from this festival, be it from the films, In-Conversation sessions, etc. 

Vaibhav Zutshi, Pune

I am pursuing theatre arts at Kala academy, Panaji and as a part of our project we have to attend the festival. So we have to watch a minimum of 10 films, attend sessions and write a synopsis of the films and what we learned from those films or sessions. And on that basis we are given marks. I want be an actor, at here I got to watch the acting skills of various actors.

Sampada Gawas, Keri, Sanquelim

It was a really nice experience but the problem is since I am a student I could watch only four films a day, so I wish they increase the number of films for students. I watched many international films and a few Indian films as these can’t be watched elsewhere. The experience from these films will surely help me.

Joseph, Kerela

This is my first time at IFFI. It is a good platform to improve my knowledge about filmmaking. Masterclasses and films were really good. My favourite film was ‘Son-Mother’ as it was very emotional and I could relate to it. I want to become a cinematographer and will make use of this experience in my career.

Thangadurai, Chennai

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