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Striking a balance between body and mind

Don Bosco College, Panaji celebrated International Day of Yoga with a one-hour session for faculty and staff organised by the Department of Physical Education. The group was led by assistant professors Sachin Parsekar and Gautam Kankonkar.

Yoga is an excellent practice that improves flexibility, increases muscle strength and tone, improves energy and vitality and even helps reduce weight, explained Parsekar during the workshop as he led the participants into different asanas (body postures).

The session began with a few simple exercises to warm up the body and make it easier to perform the asanas. Some of the asanas taught were ustrasana, adho mukha svanasana, vrikshasana, and bhujangasana among others. This was followed by a session of meditation.

The department further encouraged the staff to join them in more sessions throughout the year and reserve time for yoga and fitness for a healthy body and mind.

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