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Stir over Mhadei during IFFI if ‘controversial’ letter not withdrawn

There is a direct threat issued to union minister Prakash Javadekar . If he wants to come for IFFI inaugural on 20th November, then he should immediately withdraw the controversial letter his ministry has issued to Karnataka on Mhadei. Otherwise, face the agitation. According to the protestors, even section 144 has been imposed in Goa for one month not due to Ayodhya, but Mhadei issue. But CM feels we should wait for three-four days more.

 The 10-day deadline assured by union environment minister Prakash Javadekar to revoke the letter issued to Karnataka to divert Mhadei water to Malprabha river ended on Wednesday. Mhadei Bachao Andolan and Progressive Front for Goa had press conferences on Friday, threatening agitation on the issue. The Andolan is organising a rally in Panaji on 18th November. 

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