Wednesday , 23 October 2019
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Sporting Club of Davorlim enter finals

Benaulim: Sporting Club of Davorlim entered the finals of 30th Super Soccer defeating Navelim Villagers Union by a solitary goal in the semifinals played at St John, the Baptist grounds, Benaulim on Tuesday.

The all-important goal that took Davorlim team into the finals came off in the 11th minute following a forward pass from the top of the rival box to attacking medio Joel Colaco, who wasted no time in sending an angular effort that went past the bewildered Navelim Villagers Union keeper S Gomes and crashed to the far end of the rival nets.

Both the teams failed to display their best footballing skills due to waterlogged conditions of the ground, and as such the players on either side struggled to carry the ball forward. Even passing the ball accurately was rendered very tough.

Despite such difficult conditions the teams played a spirited game often fumbling with their passes and positional play could not be possible for most part of the play.

The teams, however, matched each other well in all the departments of the game mostly depending on the long ball, as the players on either side looked for chances to find the mark.

SC Davorlim’s Joemack Colaco, Valmiky Miranda, Micky Furtado and William Niasso strived hard in the midfield while their defence fell back and forth to pep up the pressure on rivals.

Navelim Villagers Union who had a few chances could not galvanise well once inside the rival box and as such lost the opportunities that came their way.

Rovan Pereira, Travis D’Souza and Aulon Gomes tried their best to find the mark for Navelim Villagers, but every time they entered the box their moves were promptly blocked by the strong SC Davorlim defence.

In the finals tentatively scheduled for July 28, Sporting Club of Davorlim will take on Parish Youth, Nuvem.

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