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Spoken English course for students of Union High School, Assagao

The Department of English, DM’s College, Mapusa organised a 3-day Spoken English Certificate Course for the students of Union High School, Assagao as part of extension programme.  The students of class 8 and 9 along with their teachers attended the course. Faculty members from the English Department M Shanthi, Lizella Gonsalves, Sarika Mishra and Priyanka Pednekar were the resource persons for the workshop.

The workshop was an endeavour through which the students of the neighbouring schools would gain proficiency in communication skills. During the workshop the students were introduced to various forms of audio-visual media and oral exercises to enhance their vocabulary and thus instil confidence in them. The first day began with an interactive session wherein the students were acquainted with basics of public speaking as well as learnt oral narrative techniques. On the second day the students were given audio-visual examples of conversational skills in the Language Lab, they also narrated stories and learnt phonetics through fun games. The workshop concluded with students learning dialogue skills and social etiquette through role play. The students responded enthusiastically to the workshop and opined that it was very practical and informative wherein they learnt conversational skills with emphasis on pronunciation and enunciation which would give boost to their level of confidence.

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