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South Goa district hospital building to be handed over to DHS in phases in Dec: GSIDC



The South Goa’s district hospital project has missed yet another deadline, and the building will now be handed over to the Directorate of Health Services  (DHS) in phases over the month of December.

The reasons for the delay in the completion of the hospital building are  pending payments to contractors and ‘indecision’ over the top two floors of the building.

The new plan of handing over the hospital building emerged after an inspection was called for by the Committee on Public Undertakings, headed by Margao MLA Digambar Kamat.

Kamat and committee members  Cuncolim MLA Clafacio Dias and Nuvem MLA Wilfred D’Sa besides Hospicio’s medical superintendent Dr Ira Almeida and Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) officials were present during the inspection.

Kamat while speaking to this daily said that the hospital building would be completed in another month.

“We had the last meeting about the hospital in July where we were told that the hospital would be commissioned by November, but it didn’t happen. They have said they will try to complete it by November 30 provided the contractors are given their payments. This hospital has to be taken on a priority as it is a major requirement for South Goa,” he

GSIDC’s general manager Jude Carvalho, who was also present during the inspection, said that the main reason for the delay in the handing over of the hospital building is the pending payments to contractors.

“95 per cent of the work is already completed, and 98 per cent of the material is already come to the hospital. Payments have not been given to the contractors; this has also led to a delay to some extent. Another critical activity is that six OTs (operating theatres)  are coming from Europe. They have been shipped and are expected to reach by December 15. There are five other OTs that are made in India. Once the contractor is paid, they will be installed. Till then we will do the commissioning and testing of the rest of the hospital and complete the handover in phases,” said Carvalho.

Uncertainty over the top two floors also played a part in the delay in the completion of the hospital building.

Initially, the fourth and fifth floors were supposed to house a nursing college, but later there was a change in the decision and it was planned to turn it into a medical

Recently, the GSIDC was asked to leave the two floors vacant raising the question over the work already done.

This ‘confusion’ took away about a month and a half of the hospital project’s timeframe.

Carvalho said that the hospital building would be completed by the end of November and handed over to the Directorate of Health Services (DHS) in phases during the month of December.

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