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Soon, Goa to get heritage policy



Goa will soon have in place a policy on heritage structures for preserving, conserving and promoting the heritage sites.

The policy, which is claimed to be the country’s first-ever such policy, is proposed to be ready by the end of this year and aims to protect 100-odd heritage sites in Goa.

The state heritage policy is being drafted by a sub-committee under the department of Town and Country Planning’s conservation committee.

The department of archives and archeology has, till now notified altogether 51 heritage sites in Goa, with monuments and structures under the protected category, including ruins, chapels, convents, church, temples and forts.

In addition, the department has preserved a large number of documents dating back to the 450 years of Portuguese regime in Goa. These documents in Portuguese language are being translated in English as also stored in digitised form.

Approximately, 30 structures in Goa have been identified as world as well as national heritage structures, besides 51 structures identified as state heritage structures.

The state heritage policy will have a provision for community involvement, with certain
NGOs, schools and self-help groups to be given responsibility to maintain the heritage sites.

The policy will also try to regulate the development in vicinity of the heritage structures by allowing restructuring of the surrounding near a heritage structure depending on
its design.

Furthermore the said policy will also make local bodies like panchayats and municipal councils the guardians of architectural monuments in their respective

The Goa College of Architecture is expected to be empanelled to document heritage structures, monuments and sites around Goa so that they can be preserved better.

Maharashtra and Karnataka, the two neighbouring states of Goa, presently have guidelines in place regarding preservation of heritage structures, but has no full-fledged policy for heritage structures.

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