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Some wards of Reis Magos getting water in 8 days interval


Reis Magos

Residents of some wards of Reis Magos have been facing irregular water supply problem for the last two months. To be specific, they get water released in taps after a period of days and to make up for shortage of water they have to rely on water tankers and wells.

The affected residents from Tuant, Sonarbhat and Quegdevelim wards of the village told this daily  that the PWD water is being released after a gap of 8 days, while this problem is not prevalent in other wards.

Edwin Fernandes, a resident of Reis Magos, said that “a memorandum with signatures of affected residents will be submitted to the assistant engineer of PWD water section. Some villagers also complained to the directorate of panchayats and block development office spotlighting issuance of licences for mega projects in Quegdevelim despite the locals facing water woes. Before we used to get water every alternate day but in these two months the situation has become worse.”

Rajesh Dabolkar, another resident, stated that with licences being issued to mega projects without putting in place basic infrastructure, a RTI has been sought from the BDO to know how many project- related licences have been issued in the wards.

A Quegdevelim resident said that “we had brought this problem to the notice of the MLA who stays in Tuant, so also the panchayat members have been informed, but nothing has happened. Most of the people from my ward depend on well water due to water shortage which has been going on for the last 4 years.”

Subhash Pednekar, Sonarbhat panch, said that he has been providing water tanker free of cost in his ward as it has been almost 2 months that the residents are reeling under the problem.

MLA Jayesh Salgaonkar, when contacted, said “that since water was not being released adequately to Verem water tank the water problem had cropped up in Reis Magos. Even the new water pipeline that has been laid is not helping much in resolving the issue. Pilerne-Marra locals are also facing a similar problem.

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