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The crowd near SUDA market purchasing vegetables and fruits without maintaining social distancing.

Social distancing not followed in Curchorem market

Curchorem: The customers were seen in Curchorem market area on Sunday morning without following social distancing.

Since the declaration of lockdown till yesterday the people were seen disciplined observing the social distancing, though there was some rush, social distancing was maintain with the interference of the police.

Now there is a sudden spurt in the number of fish vendors who are selling fish on two-wheelers, pickups by the roadsides at different spots in Curchorem market and also visiting different wards with their vehicles.

Though the vegetable market in SUDA building has remain closed now there is sudden rise in the vegetable and fruit vendors. The usual vegetable vendors are shocked to see that these new vendors usurping the space beside the SUDA market are seen selling vegetables including leafy vegetables, onion, tomatoes, potatoes and other items. The fruit vendors are also learnt to be outsiders. There is no sopo collection from these vendors. Today being Sunday the market look like a Sunday bazaar. The chicken sellers were advised to carry on their business in market behind CADA hall. But flaunting these directives chicken is being sold by some persons in some shops and private premises in Curchorem area.

People have demanded that the concern authorities should take serious note of above facts and take steps to ensure that strictly social distancing should be maintain besides wearing face masks and observing traffic rules.

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