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Smriti Sthal to showcase Parrikar’s memorabilia



Smriti Sthal, a Samadhi planned by the government in memory of the former chief minister the late Manohar Parrikar at Miramar, will not be a replica of memorials of various other leaders constructed around the country, over the years, but would serve as a place showcasing life and times of the iconic leader.

The foundation stone of this Rs 8.34 crore memorial is scheduled to be laid on December 13, 2019, the birth anniversary of Parrikar.

Chirag Jain appointed as the consultant for the memorial, speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, said that the government proposes to complete the memorial in six months time.

“Till now, we have designed three memorials namely Bhausaheb Bandodkar Memorial in Panaji, Goa; Jawaharlal Darda Memorial in Yawatmal, Maharashtra; and War Memorial in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh,” he informed, pointing out that every memorial, irrespective of who has designed it, is unique in its story, programme and content.

“For Smriti Sthal, we have tried to be innovative and have new ideas, or else it would be just a replica of other memorials,” he observed, noting that the Manohar Parrikar memorial would be a unique monument. 

“The Manohar Parrikar Smriti Sthal’ is morphed around the sacred location where his last rites were performed, to create not just a resonator of memory but a public space, whose architectural sensibility is conducive to private introspection and public homage,” states the plan for this memorial, pointing out, “Smriti Sthal provides opportunities for an appreciation of his life, his work and his achievements.”

As per the plan for the memorial, “This site selected for Smriti Sthal has strong associations with the beach to the West, and the Dayanand Bandodkar memorial to the North. The visual axis and the vista toward the sea define the primary guideline for the orientation of the memorial. This axis also defines the spiritual journey of the visitors.”

The plan proposes to provide various sections in the memorial dedicated to Samsara (Circle of life), Dhyana Kutir (Meditation), Antyesti (Last rites), Seva Yatra (A selfless journey of service) and Bhava (Birth – the symbol of a new beginning).

In addition, a library and an audio visual room will be provided within the precincts of this memorial, to showcase the life, works and achievements of Parrikar. ‘The Feature Wall’ will provide chronological overview of Parrikar’s lifetime, with the help of photographs, lectures, articles, milestones and trivia in his personal as well as political life, in addition to pullout panels providing related decade-wise information.

Furthermore, ‘Interactive Display’ will show Aam Aadmi aspects of the leader’s life. His personal belongings such as his trademark magnetic spectacles, sandals, raksha potli, diaries, pens, etc, shall also be displayed and preserved in special humidity controlled exposures, on loan from his family.

A souvenir shop – a not-for-profit-shop – has also been envisaged within the ‘Life Sketch Space’, whose aim is to promote Parrikar, his work and his philosophy. This would include compilations of his numerous speeches (in the form of books, audio and video), memorabilia and replicas of objects on

In a novel way, taking the Smriti to a larger audiences, video clips and patriotic films will also be projected onto the ‘Samsara’ sculpture as a fitting tribute to the man who brought the International Film Festival of India to Goa.

And finally, the visitors would encounter a bronze alloy statue of Parrikar in a hurriedly-walking-away pose, which is expected to provide a physical manifestation of a great spirit. 

“Smriti Sthal proposes to celebrate the life and spirit of Manohar Parrikar, a true statesman,” the plan for the memorial observes.

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