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Smita Parsekar: The Shakti behind Laxmikant Parsekar

Smita Parsekar: The Shakti behind Laxmikant Parsekar

It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. Meet the woman behind Goa’s new Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar, Smita Laxmikant Parsekar, who has stood strong with him at all times, and managed to keep the family close-knit in good as well as bad times

By Padmavati Prabhu | NT BUZZ

“It is a golden moment for my husband as well as for the entire family. He has made us proud”, says Smita Laxmikant Parsekar expressing her feelings on her husband becoming the Chief Minister of the state.

“If someone had to tell us even four days before he was sworn-in as the Chief Minister that this is what is written in his destiny, we would have not have believed it”, says Smita.

Smita has been married to Parsekar for the past 23 years. Theirs was a love marriage. The relationship began while the two of them were working at the Harmal Panchakroshi School. Presently, she is the headmistress at the Harmal Panchakroshi High School.

“I joined the school as an assistant teacher in 1987 where he was the headmaster. Slowly our interaction turned into love and we decided to tie the knot”, says Smita, who originally hails from Ratnagiri.

Remembering the days before marriage she says, “At that time we had no mobiles and internet. The only means of communication was writing letters. But most of the times in our letters we focused on our future career plans, social issues and education among other things. Our discussions were about how we could make things better for the school as we both come from an educational background.”

Smita has till date preserved these letters that are treasures of shared thoughts and feelings between her husband and her right from the beginning of their relationship.

“He being into politics, sometimes there are instances when we don’t get time to even interact with each. This is the time I open these letters. Luckily, he has not changed since then. His thoughts are the same. And when I see this, I feel satisfied that he is moving in the same direction that he had thought of when we began our journey together”, she says.

Laxmikant Parsekar’s family was a staunch supporter of the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party then and Parsekar had rebelled against his family to contest on a Bharatiya Janata Party ticket for the State Assembly election of 1988.

“When he decided to contest the election on a BJP ticket, his family strongly opposed. This was the time I wrote him a four page letter expressing my emotional support to his decision”, says Smita remembering how the two of them have stuck by each other at all times.

As her husband was into politics even before they got married, adjusting after marriage was not difficult as there was not much of a difference in their lifestyle. “His thoughts and way of life were reflected in his letters and I knew that I what our life would be like together even before we got married”, she says.

Speaking about her husband’s nature she says, “I can be temperamental at times, and he is very emotional. When in a huff I can stay aloof, but he cannot. He cannot bear to see the family upset or in any sort of difficulty; he gets very upset and emotional.”

Despite her busy schedule at the school, she makes it a point to cook for the family. “He will never ask for anything even if he wants. Looking at his gestures and expressions I have to understand that he is hungry and wants to eat. He is fond of fish preparations, especially the Goan fish curry. And when it is vegetarian food, he prefers ‘usal’ of sprouted legumes and ‘fulke’ (roti)”, says Smita further sharing how she has to keep a watch as to whether her husband has eaten anything in the midst of his busy schedule, even at times asking the PA to ensure that he gives him some fruits at least.

Given that her husband has a busy schedule family outings are a rarity for the Parsekar family, but Smita shares how she has made it compulsory for the family to take time out together twice a year. That is when they go out on short trips, preferably within India.  “If we are leaving on the trip at one o’clock, he does his official work till the last minute, but once we are out of the house on our family vacation his dedication is exclusively towards the us”, she says.

She, however, points out that despite him being on a busy schedule throughout their life, she has never had to compromise on her career. But, she says, there were instances when important decisions regarding the family, children and other important things had to be taken and her husband was not around. “In his absence I have to sometimes take some important decisions. And he doesn’t mind me taking them as he believes that whatever I decide will never go wrong”, she says.

But, she definitely misses her husband on some occasions. “A wife definitely feels that the husband should be with her in all times. I definitely feel his absence at family functions, but then social commitments are more important and I will always support him in his endeavours”, she says.

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