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SJD Areal thrash Varca 4-0



Sao Jose de Areal entered the quarterfinals of 46th Chandor Seamen Rolling Trophy Football Tournament defeating Varca SC 4-0 in their match played at Chandor grounds on Saturday.

Areal’s Alvito Maura provided the lead for his team in the 10th minute with Jeston Fernandes accouting for a brace of goals as the match progressed, bulging the nets in the 40th and 42nd minute, while Frederick Andro scored the fourth goal in the 46th minute. So pronounced was the attack of Sao Jose de Areal team that the Varca lads who had entered the turf with all the confidence had to struggle it out to contain the maurading Sao Jose de Areal strikers who came charging up relentlessly.

Only when the second session neared its half way mark did the Sao Jose de Areal team slow down the pace of the match, giving some chance for their rivals to do the openings.

It was during this spell of the match that Varca’s Jason Fernandes and Tennyson Rosa were seen creating some forays, along with Joylon Cardozo and Colomban Noronha. But their efforts were not enough to create a dent to Areal.

Sao Jose de Areal keeper Joseph Monteiro looked confident under the bar. Their defence too stood firm, resulting in the blockade of all the good moves that the Varca SC team made to find the mark.

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