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‘Shoddy’ underground cabling draws Pilerne villagers ire

Pilerne: Alleged haphazard work on 33 kva power line and water harvesting were the main issues raised at the Pilerne gram sabha which was held on Sunday at the panchayat hall at Pilerne.

The gram sabha started with the panchayat secretary reading out the minutes of the previous meeting.

Raising the issue of frequent power failures, villagers alleged that work on underground cabling while laying the 33kva line from Porvorim to Saligao sub-station passing through Audit Bhavan down the village was done haphazardly.

Villagers alleged that the contractor while laying the 33 kva power line damaged the gutters and cross drains due to which many accidents have taken place and due to the heavy rains, water was overflowing on to the road bringing with it mud and debris on to it.

The villagers urged the sarpanch Amarnath Govekar to adopt a resolution to send a letter to the electricity department to redress the problem. The sarpanch told the gram sabha that he will send a letter to the electricity department. 

The other issue raised by the villagers was of pothole-ridden road and the villagers asked the sarpanch to write to the PWD to carry out the repair work.

The sarpanch said that after the work of the underground cabling was done, the road was hot-mix carpeted and tarred but the shoddy works by the PWD had made matters worse and the road has again developed potholes. The sarpanch told the gram sabha that the panchayat will write to the concerned department to restore the road.

The sarpanch also read out a letter by Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging the panchayats in Goa to take adequate measures to conserve water and invited suggestions from the villagers.

The sarpanch told the villagers that there are many water bodies in the village which can be preserved so as to conserve water as the need for water will rise in the near future.

A villager also brought to the notice of the sarpanch the issue of the wells in the village getting contaminated due to discharge of effluents from the nearby industrial estate.

The villagers requested the sarpanch to initiate measures to clean the wells which could be used for rain water harvesting.

The sarpanch also requested the Gaonkars of Pilerne communidade to allot some land to construct a water reservoir to preserve water  and urged them not to object in giving their NOC to the panchayat to construct a water reservoir.

The gram sabha also discussed the issue of football ground near the village panchayat work on which is still not completed as such youth cannot utilise the ground as the turf is not yet laid.

The sarpanch said that the village panchayat will utilise panchayat funds to lay the turf on the ground at the earliest.

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