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Serula communidade okays Rs 3.85 cr budget

Calangute: A budget of Rs 3.85 crore was passed during the first general body meeting of the Serula communidade that was held at the  communidade office on Sunday.

The president of the communidade Alex D’Souza read out the budget for the year 2019-2020.

The gauncars and shareholders, who were present, unanimously agreed to a decision taken by the committee that 45 plots, given to non-gauncars without following a proper procedure, be reverted.

The president of the communidade informed the gauncars and shareholders that there are more than 100 plots, which were given to allottees who failed to construct houses and are lying vacant for many years in different survey numbers, will be given to gauncars.

The gauncars took a decision to restore the age old Chaudi which is in ruins at Maina Socorro and Salvador do Mundo border. A provision of Rs 1 crore has been made to carry out the work.

Advocate Phadte suggested to appoint a committee consisting of an attorney, advocate and surveyor to identify illegal plots and those lying vacant so that gauncars can be given the plots.

Raising the issue of communidade shares, John Lobo said that the shares need to be verified by the new committee as there are many bogus shareholders.

Eurick Mascarenhas brought to the notice of the communidade that many illegal shops have sprung up near Ticklo petrol pump along the Porvorim highway and fields belonging to the communidade.

During the meeting, it was also decided to transfer the amount of Rs 4.50 crore that is in the ‘illegal account opened by the ex-committee for the communidade ghar project’ to the communidade account so that the new committee could complete the pending project.

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