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Sena out of Sync

The rape case filed by a 26-year-old model against Maharashtra’s senior IPS officer Sunil Paraskar seems to have evoked an unworthy reaction from the Shiv Sena. Its mouthpiece, Saamana in an editorial came out in support of the police officer and questioned the motives of the model. The Sena mouthpiece suggested that charging men with rape and molestation in high society has become a fashion. This reaction from a political party which hopes to rule Maharashtra is indeed shameful. By opting to support a man charged with rape the Sena has, in a way, aired the closet male chauvinist view. Many women prefer to live with rape than face the stigma attached by society to such a crime. It takes courage for a woman to come out and admit to being raped. It might be recalled that in the Shakti Mills incident the first victim came out only after the journalist (second victim) filed charges. After years of indifference, the nation was woken up by the gang rape of a para-medical student in Delhi. The Sena, which is out of sync with India’s collective conscience, is trying to lull it back to sleep.

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