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Seminar on industrial relations held

The GCCI and NIPM jointly organized a talk by Adv. SN Murthy, senior advocate, Karnataka High Court on ‘Industrial Relations in the next decade with emphasis on labour laws. Addressing a large gathering of HR and corporate professionals,  Adv. Murthy had practical advice to give on possible legal steps in the context of the stoppage of mining operations by the Supreme Court. He was of the view that the NEEM (National Employability Enhancement Mission) scheme is based on education laws and has no foundation under the labour laws and its enforcement on industry is not legal. “Fixed term employment does not take away the liabilities arising under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 if such employments are given in a repetitive pattern,” he said. Murthy clarified the definition of “industry” under the Industrial Disputes Act and highlighted certain exclusions. He shared some practical approaches with regard to termination of an employee’s service in view of the excessive security of employment provided to workmen under the law. He clarified in which cases Chapters V-A or V-B of the Industrial Disputes Act would apply. Mr. Murthy threw light on the Contract Labour Act and how employers needed to be clear about employment by contractors and direct employment. He also provided clarity on break-up of the minimum wage, on the recognition of unions under the law and collective bargaining. Earlier Pallavi Arondekar, deputy director, GCCI welcomed the speaker and BT Boke, chairman of the HRD and IR committee, GCCI introduced the speaker. Manoj Kharde, chairman, NIPM Goa, presented a bouquet to the guest while, Eurico Noronha, co-chairman of the HRD and IR committee proposed the vote of thanks.

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