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Selective service at the Hyatt Place

It’s always a great feeling to dine when one knows that it is a buffet and there’s no limit to the number of servings. More so, when the buffet is at a starred hotel. With this in mind I went over to Hyatt Place, the select service 4-star property in Candolim to try out their dinner buffet

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I managed to find my way to the Gallery Café restaurant at the recently opened Hyatt Place, Candolim, the only restaurant the hotel has so far (another one to open soon) opened. The tungsten lighting from the high ceiling and contemporary interiors got me hooked. For a hotel that opened up just about three months ago Hyatt Place was buzzing with tourists, clangs of cutlery and children scurrying about.

After glancing at the buffet I thought to myself “Man proposes and God disposes”, for I had planned to binge and enjoy a food filled evening for I had plans to get back on track with a strict diet plan. The buffet had less in the variety of dishes than I had expected. But for many it’s a blessing in disguise, especially the foodies who cannot seem to control those taste buds at the sight of a buffet.

Being a select service hotel, as I was informed by the chef, the menu is not very elaborate but has a variety of dishes each day, from continental, oriental and of course Indian.

On the buffet that night was a chaat counter where I enjoyed preparing my own version of papdi chaat with lots of sev and curd. Having a fair idea of the tried and tested Greek Salad I decided to skip it and opt for the carrot and coconut salad. The salad was a mix of sweet and tangy and was brilliant appetiser.

For the main course, I had to make do with a limited choice from the limited menu. I didn’t want to venture into eating the regular Palak Paneer or Dal with steamed rice, hence chose the Chicken Do Pyaaza which was true to its taste – a little sweet and spicy thanks to the overload of onions the dish boasts of. I enjoyed eating the thick gravy with Butter Garlic Naan.

Kashmiri Dum Aloo made of baby potatoes, deep fried and cooked in a gravy of curd and spices. The Kashmiri chillies, fennel powder, cardamom powder, cumin-coriander powder, ginger, garlic made it quite a fiery feast.

Other dishes on the menu included fish in hot garlic sauce, Thai vegetable curry and a potato gratin. The two winners here were clearly the fish in hot garlic sauce and the potato gratin.

The best section here however was the dessert counter which had had delights like moong dal halwa and blackberry and peach parfait besides fresh pastries like strawberry mille feuille, dark and white chocolate cheese cake and Torta di Mel. Undeniably, the desserts compensated for the average food which didn’t quite meet my expectation, ending the night on a sweet note. But for the ones who enjoy extra attention, the staff is pleasing and will make you feel comfortable, even going to the extent of getting something you like that isn’t on the menu, if possible. That’s the advantage of dining at a select service hotel.

The buffet priced at `950 (plus taxes) is a good deal.

For Easter at Hyatt Place Candolim Chef Jitendra Singh Rathore is all set to prepare a sumptuous dinner buffet. The spread will include seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes in western, Indian and local Goan preparations along with North Indian specials and mouth watering desserts.

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