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Selection Of Judges Must Be Transparent


IT is very crucial that only persons with sound knowledge of law and impeccable integrity be selected as judges even at the entry level in the lower judiciary. The selection of judges through a very transparent laid-down process has to be very meticulous as persons with suspect credentials and those who cannot interpret the law inflict irreversible damage to the justice delivery system. It is imperative that politicians should have no role whatsoever, direct or indirect in the selection, promotion and posting of judges. So also it must be ensured that sitting and retired judges do not orchestrate their incompetent and unworthy relatives, friends and former chamber colleagues to sneak into judicial positions. Over the years we have seen some extremely good judges but in ‘anguish’ have also had to live up with those from the other end of the spectrum. We need to have the right persons selected as judges with their salary and perks substantially enhanced so that only the best and brightest preside over the Temples of Justice. The judiciary should never be manned by persons who are slanted or aligned to any political party. Judges should have the spine to crack on illegalities done by any politician, regardless of the party he is affiliated to and the high position he holds. If judges cannot independently balance the scales of justice, the courts lose their very sanctity. Lord Harry Woolf, a former chief justice of England, had said: “Like old clocks, our judicial institutions need to be oiled, wound up and set to true time.” Maybe it is high time for a concerted effort to cleanse the Aegean Stables of Indian judiciary by flushing out those undesirable judges who should never have landed where they are today.


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