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Seafood by the sea

Danuska Da Gama| NT BUZZ

The airy restaurant – Morisco, totally redone, whose facade touches the Arabian Sea, and the sound of the waves, the air brushing against your face, the Portuguese colonial yet modern blue vibe at the restaurant creates the right drama you need whether it’s a romantic dinner or one with your family or friends.

Known for serving authentic Goan-Portuguese seafood, the menu here has been re-launched. With new additions that bring out innovative ideas from the Goan kitchen, the items on the menu are all tempting. The Goan flavours here have been reinvented into some really exciting preparations, that actually made me think that today, creativity and innovation in food is reaching a new level completely.

To begin with the Potato Balchao Chop with Peri Peri sauce, was an interesting take on the prawn version that we normally eat by the dozens. If this was the amuse bouche, you can imagine what the Kurlio Recheado (stuffed crab) tasted like. The stuffed crab in the shell, was sublime and subtle. The flavour of the crab stood out along with the other flavours used to make this elaborate preparation.

For lunch, you can try out any of the three Thalis – telling three different stories through their Saraswat, Meat and Seafood preparations, stories of Goan kitchens that showcases culinary heritage and legacy at Morisco.

Otherwise bored of the normal Goan seafood preparations, you can expect a lot out of the box, with Portuguese influence and universal appeal. The Smoked Salmon Tartareis served on a bed of cucumber carpacio and some chunky avocado salad. The zing of the carpaccio, the crunch of the avocado and the cured salmon tossed in some luscious sour cream and mascarpone cheese was enjoyable. However, while many stay away from cured fish and carpaccio, there are those who love to feast on such

On a rather chilly night, it’s better to opt for some soup and thus the Chef served us some spicy Sungtamcho Sopa (prawn soup) which wasn’t as spicy as its name thankfully, but tempered enough to let you understand how the right amount of spice; not too much, not too little enhances the overall flavour and doesn’t kill the other ingredients. Sopa de Peixe was a lovely saffron flavoured seafood broth with bell pepper and spring onion. My friend who is fond of squids was delighted with the soup that had quite a bit of squids in it.

Discussing various issues being faced in India currently and laughing at lame jokes cracked by me, the wait didn’t seem long, before the main course arrived. On arrival, I was jittery for it seemed like too much seafood on the table, and got me feeling guilty of indulging in something so good.

Chef Rego’s signature dish – Grilio Grande Camarao com Cilantro that had tiger prawns flavoured with fresh coriander and cooked in saffron, served with some coconut flavoured rice on the side, is simply simple and classy like the Lagosta Aguada. And let me confess…I had the slit lobster medallions infused in local palm wine that was cooked with spices and served with coconut rice all by myself.

I left my friend feast on the Crab XecXec, for I didn’t want to easily forget the taste of the lobster, also, when I eat crabs I need time and patience besides eating it like a true Goenkar and messing my hands. However, I did have the thick gravy with some Poiee (Goan bread) and rice.

But, go slow and take your time, for you will definitely want to try out some dessert. And no matter where you are from, the Goan sweet platter that has Bebinca, Dodol, Doce and Coconut ice-cream. But, then we tried the Serradura, the sawdust pudding that has become everyone’s favourite along some divine desserts like Bolo Gelado de Chocolate and Lemon Flavoured Tender Coconut Pudding.

While executive chef Rishi Manucha made sure everything was perfect that night, we didn’t leave too early, even after finishing our meal, and having witnessed happy guest retire for the night, we continued with our banter and drinks, I must add until midnight.

For me it was an evening of thanksgiving, for a truly enjoyable seafood meal that we Goans can never get enough of, and for the gift of friendship where friends are no less than family and add value to life and such evenings of delight.

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