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Being the first platform to develop and accept a User Generated Content model, the Scrawled domain is fed a whooping million number of entries from followers all over the world

Scrawling success

Gone are the days where one would spend hours reading books, and then eBooks. Today is all about ‘Scroll – Read – Like – Scroll’ and repeat. Flash fiction is what’s raging on almost every platform, where a read-below-a-minute accounts for more eyeballs among the millennials. And amongst the many competitive brands, Scrawled Stories, a brand for storytelling and musings, stands as the dominant leader, captivating the attention and hearts of many.

Founded in 2015, Krunal Patel – a 28-year-old businessman, leader, writer and story enthusiast, is the reason why and how Scrawled Stories came into being. Krunal has come from a line of family business in chemical manufacturing, and though he was managing it successfully, his hobby of writing took the best of him. He turned his sole focus on the brand – Scrawled Stories and the app which launched this November.

Scrawled Stories has been a working product of his idea towards growing and developing his love for words, and enabling the vast audience to do the same under one media. What began as a one-man show soon turned into a booming powerhouse honing the strongest media presence.

Krunal has opened up to say that Scrawled Stories originally began as a page for his own write-ups, but gradually started receiving entries via DM’s from his followers on Instagram. The rate with which the entries started flooded in was insane – starting from a few to almost 5,000 entries a day.

When asked about his Eureka moment, or rather his inspiration towards beginning the journey of Scrawled, he said: “We’ve grown up with stories and narrations, be it grandma’s tales or films and TV shows. And this sparks one’s own imagination to put forward their ideas into words. So after multiple thoughts and questions on how could we possibly take this online and onto a whole other level, where everyone could not only write what they feel but also read what is relatable, we came up with Scrawled Stories.”

Scrawled Stories is one destination for scrolling or scrawling, journey. With over 4,000 posts and stories and three million followers collectively across all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, Krunal and his team manage to deliver hit after hit with every post crossing millions within mere minutes.

Being the first platform to develop and accept a User Generated Content model, the Scrawled domain is fed a whooping million number of entries from followers all over the world. The page has been taking a hike with every post, gaining 4,000-5,000 followers in a day!

“I’ve never been interested in paid promotions or cheap advertisements for the page and I’ve never paid a single penny on sponsorships. So all the success has been achieved organically, which I’m very proud of” said Krunal.

Scrawled Stories, for a long time, were reaping barely any benefits from their brand name. Apparently Krunal was waiting to strike at the right opportunity, which he did and landed their first collaboration with Bank Bazaar. This particular collaboration went on to attract many more businesses like OYO Rooms, Engage Deo, Red Chillies Entertainment, Brand Factory, international influencer Gary Vaynerchuk, who then collaborated with Scrawled Stories and covered their range of businesses through fascinating micro-tales.

Any collaboration with a page like Scrawled Stories is said to have a powerful impact on the nature of the business. A sponsored or brand post on Scrawled Stories goes up to `70,000 per post. They also commit to month-long or annual collaborations, where brands pay them anywhere from `10 to `25 lakhs, depending on the longevity and project.

The team is now into launching its app with full force, where content will be a priority. It has been speculated to be the first app where people can submit their content and receive the status of their submission on their profile itself. The curators of the Scrawled team will select and edit the best ones and publish them so readers can enjoy quality content under one stop.

The app is said to have an algorithm where the published posts will be divided into categories such as Hot, Trending, Today’s Picks, All Time Favorite, etc. Content can also be easily explored and filtered as per the audiences’ interests amongst the vast array of categories.

With scrolling through feeds getting longer and attention is span getting shorter, micro-tales and musings have begun to play a huge role in grounding literature within our existence. Krunal Patel’s story is as inspiring as any other, and kudos to him for making this incredibly long journey look like a cakewalk. It’s another testimonial of the results one can reap if one follows one’s dream and passion. And if Krunal could do it, you surely can too.

So you speak your words, and let words speak to you!

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