Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Scheme to provide self-employment opportunities to tribal youth



In order to provide self-employment platform to the tribal youth in the state, the government has introduced Goa Tribal’s Employment Generation Programme (GTEGP) Scheme.

The department of industries has notified the scheme in view of the direction of Planning Commission, Government of India, to direct benefits to the families of Scheduled Tribes.

Goa has around 1,80,000 tribal population (12 per cent) notified under the communities of Gauda, Kunbi and Velip living in almost all talukas. The families of these communities live in remote foothill areas of Western Ghats, rural areas, villages, semi-urban and urban areas, which primarily have an agrarian economy.

Under the scheme, school dropouts and unemployed female and male

persons are to be provided entrepreneurship skills to take on the challenges of life in the present industrialised economy of the state. “They should be guided and provided with monetary and material facilities to come out of poverty, become self-employed and generate employment among the tribal communities of the state,” a government official said.

The scheme has been introduced in order to improve entrepreneurship skills, provide self-employment and for generation of employment and improvement in living conditions of the tribal community. The objective of the scheme is also flow of funds to the target families from government schemes and long-term sustainable economic activities in the villages, beside to catch up with changing economy of the industrialised and tourist destination state and exposure to inter-institutional financial facilities and entrepreneurial activities.

Any individual, who has studied upto Class IV or above and is of 18 years of age but not above 45 years of age and a member of tribal community notified by the government of Goa is eligible to avail benefit under the scheme. In order to avail benefit under the scheme, the applicant must be unemployed.

Under the scheme, the eligible applicant can take up business under micro and small manufacturing enterprises, service enterprises and trade enterprises categories.

Under micro and small manufacturing enterprise category, the applicant can avail a maximum loan of Rs 25 lakh and avail 40 per cent subsidy on 95 per cent of the total sanctioned loan amount and in case of service enterprises and trading enterprises, loan up to Rs 15 lakh will be sanctioned with 40 per cent subsidy.

The government has authorised Economic Development Corporation and Goa State Scheduled Tribes Finance and Development Corporation (GSSTFDC) as the implementing agencies for the purpose of the scheme.

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