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Sanvordem reels under water shortage, dust pollution

CURCHOREM: Ambeudok, Periudok and Guddemol wards of Sanvordem panchayat are facing shortage of drinking water for the last several years.

The panchayat has nine wards, and other wards are Anandwadi, Capxem, Bagwada, Vishwambharwadi, Dhadem and Mirabag.

All these years, the people have been given only empty promises. Interestingly, during the Congress rule and later during the BJP rule two foundation stones were laid for the construction of a water tank, under JICA, but the work is just dragging

The tank, if completed, would have solved the drinking water problem to a large extent, said a local.

The dust pollution is another problem that has affected the people of Sanvordem area. Heavy dust is witnessed in the main area of Tisk- Sanvordem as hundreds of ore carrying trucks ply from Dabhal to Capxem.

Recently, a dust sucking machinery has been engaged but it is not working effectively. The construction of mining bypass is the only solution to the problem, the residents feel.

In fact Sanvordem is a ‘mini town’ but sans  bus stand, general market and fish market.

Sarpanch Deepak Sawant informed that the panchayat is not having land for the construction of bus stand and market.

He said that talks are going on with parties for acquiring land to construct bus stand and market, but things are yet to be materialised.

The panchayat intends to provide banking facility and also wants to construct a community hall, he said.

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