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Sal farmers demand cleaning of Tillari canals without delay

Sankhali: Farmers from Sal village have demanded that the Tillari irrigation project authorities should undertake cleaning of canals so that there is no delay in water supply to farms in Sal and surrounding villages.

It is pertinent to note that the canals through which the Tillari dam water is supplied are not cleaned in time and, as a result, farmers do not get proper water supply, leading to drying up of plantations.

Every year the farmers get water supply not before December due to inordinate delay in cleaning the canals by the authorities.   

Meghshyam Raut, a farmer and president of Bicholim block Congress committee, has said that the Tillari irrigation authorities should undertake cleaning of canals in time in the larger interest of the farmers.

He has demanded with the Bicholim MLA and speaker Rajesh Patnekar to look into the matter and ensure that Tillari water reaches the farmers in time.

When contacted Patnekar, he said that he will instruct the WRD to take up the matter with Tillari project authorities so that the work is taken up without


“In order to avoid delay in water supply, we have demanded with the authorities to clean the canals in time,” informed Raut.  

This year farms and plantations in Sal and other villages have been destroyed due to heavy rains and as such farmers have decided to undertake plantation in the coming months and need regular water supply from Tillari.

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